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You can now create personalized libraries on Google Books where you can label, review, rate, and of course, full-text search, a customized selection of books.


Create your library

1. Search Google Books for a keyword, title, or author.

2. Click the "Add to my library" link to start building your collection.

3. Once you've created a library, you can annotate it and share it with friends. Learn more.

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Add ratings and reviews to your library

1. Click the "My Library" link on to access your library.

2. Rate a book by clicking your desired star rating beneath the book cover.

3. Click "Write Review" to add a book review. Your review will be viewable on the corresponding "About this Book" page on Google Books.


Browse sample collections


Michael Jensen
Hobby farmer

Small Farms Before Cheap Energy
This is some of the best compendia about small farms and sustainable agriculture practices of the pre-1920 farmers.

Lt. Danly
Solider deployed in Baghdad

A Soldier's Bookshelf
These are the books on my shelf in my 11th month of deployment to Iraq. Everything other than the a rifle, a pair of boots, The Bible and Homer are luxuries.


Odd Todd
Author and creator of

Odd Todd's List of Super Awesome Books!
My favorite books sitting on the bookshelves of my apartment.

Book Editor

Bright College Years: 100 Books I Read at Yale
My reading has become more eclectic since college, but my familiarity with these great books and my personal library are my greatest possessions.


Freelance writer

Los Angeles Literary
A collection of writers who have lived and worked in Los Angeles. While some are well known for their relationships with LA, others may surprise you.

One-time aspiring author, now works at a university press

Don't Quit My Day Job #1
A collection of latter-day wonders by authors who write with aplomb about the things that concern me most: alien invasion, psychosis, entropy, organ harvesting, and talking dogs.