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Fugate, Bryan and Lev Dvoretsky
Thunder on the Dnepr: Zhukov-Stalin and the Defeat of Hitler's Blitzkrieg
Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1997

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 415


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Feedback from visitors

Feedback from John G. on Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Rates this book: 1 star

Rates our review of this book: Not rated

Does anyone seriously believe this bloody nonsense?

Feedback from Jim Jones on Monday, 9 November 2009

Rates this book: Not rated

Rates our review of this book: Not rated

Thunder on the Dnepr suggests that the loss of the Border Armies and
the entire Mechanized Corp including the new production model KV and T34
tanks were purposely sacrificed according to a Zhukov Stalin secret agreement between themselves, the loss of staggering casualties , according to this strategy between Zhukov and Stalin was nothing more than sacrificing a pawn to win a chess game, as stated by the Author.

Feedback from Kurt on Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Rates this book: Not rated

Rates our review of this book: Not rated

The Authors Narrative in the book, is based strictly upon his interpretation of the events, the actual circumstances that transpired
are scarcely mentioned, actual events are mentioned muddled together with the authors rambling discourse that contradicts himself routinely.
Almost half of the book is rhetoric trying to justify his viewpoint.
The author also suggests that Zhukov, was dictating military strategy to
Stalin, also according to the author General F I Kuznetsov was the General of Russian 3rd Army, General F I Kuznetsov was the Baltic Military District Commander. This should prove conclusively that the author has more than one mistaken conclusion in HIS theories.

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