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Warren, Alan
Singapore, 1942: Britain's Greatest Defeat
London: Hambledon and London, 2002

Distributed in the US by NYU Press

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Feedback from brook scarlett on 19 April 2002
Rates this book: not rated

I found the book to be well researched and informative. Although much has been written about the Malayan campaign, Singapore 1942 in my view is one of the better recent releases on the subject.

The bibliography of regimental histories (as well as the official and secondary sources) is exhaustive and reflects the level of detail contained in the book.

Chapter 2 provides information about the British Indian Army units of the peacetime garrison of Malaya. I found fascinating the background information concerning the mixed races in battalions, their respective histories and standard of training. For someone who has limited knowledge on the British Indian Army, this information is very useful.

In summary, I believe the book is well worth reading for those of us who are interested in this campaign.

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