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American Military Leaders, 1939-1945  

US Army

General Omar N. Bradley: 1st Army, 12th Army Group
Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr: 10th Army
General Mark W. Clark: 5th Army, 15th Army Group
General Jacob L. Devers: 6th Army Group
Lieutenant General Robert L. Eichelberger: 8th Army
General Dwight D. Eisenhower: SHAEF

Lieutenant General Leonard T. Gerow: 19th Army
General Courtney H. Hodges: 1st Army
General Walter Krueger: 6th Army
General Douglas MacArthur: US Army Forces in the Far East, Southwest Pacific Area
General George C. Marshall: Army Chief of Staff
Lieutenant General Lesley J. McNair: Army Ground Forces

Lieutenant General Alexander M. Patch, Jr: 7th Army
General George S. Patton, Jr: 7th Army, 3rd Army
Lieutenant General Walter C. Short: Hawaiian Department
Lieutenant General William H. Simpson: 9th Army
General Joseph W. Stilwell: Army Forces CBI, Army Ground Forces, 10th Army
Lieutenant General Daniel Sultan: India-Burma Theater

Lieutenant General Lucian K. Truscott, Jr: 5th Army
Lieutenant General Jonathan M. Wainwright: US Forces in the Philippines
Lieutenant General Albert C. Wedemeyer: China Theater

US Army Air Force

General Henry H. Arnold: USAFF Chief of Staff
Lieutenant General Lewis H. Brereton: Far East Air Force, 10th Air Force, 9th Air Force, 1st Allied Airborne Army
Lieutenant General George H. Brett: 5th Air Force
Major General Claire Chennault: 14th Air Force
Lieutenant General James H. Doolittle: 12th Air Force, 15th Air Force, 8th Air Force
Lieuteant General Ira C. Eaker: 8th Air Force, Mediterranean Allied Air Force

Lieutenant General Millard Fillmore Harmon: 13th Air Force, Army Air Forces Pacific Ocean Areas
General George C. Kenney: 5th Air Force, Far East Air Force
Major General Curtis E. Lemay: 20th Air Force
Major General Elwood R. Quesada: 9th Tactical Air Command
General Carl A. Spaatz: 8th Air Force, US Strategic Air Forces in Europe
Lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining: 13th Air Force, 15th Air Force, 20th Air Force

Lieutenant General Hoyt S. Vandenberg: 9th Air Force

US Marine Corps

Major General Roy S. Geiger: 3rd Amphibious Corps, 10th Army, Fleet Marine Force Pacific
General Thomas Holcomb: USMC Commandant
General Alexander Archer Vandegrift: USMC Commandant

US Navy

Rear Admiral Daniel F. Barbey: Seventh Amphibious Force
Vice Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher: North Pacific Area
Vice Admiral Robert L. Ghormley: Third Fleet, South Pacific Area, Naval Forces Germany
Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey: Third Fleet, South Pacific Area
Admiral Thomas C. Hart: Asiatic Fleet, ABDA Naval Forces
Admiral H. Kent Hewitt: Amphibious Force Atlantic Fleet, North African Waters, Eighth Fleet

Admiral Royal E. Ingersoll: Atlantic Fleet
Rear Admiral James H. Ingram: Fourth Fleet, Atlantic Fleet
Admiral Husband E. Kimmel: Pacific Fleet
Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King: Commander-in-Chief USN
Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid: Seventh Fleet, North Pacific Area
Rear Admiral Alan G. Kirk: Western Task Force, Naval Forces France

Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood: Submarines Pacific Fleet
Vice Admiral John S. McCain: Task Force 38
Vice Admiral Marc A. Mitscher: Task Force 58
Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz: Pacific Fleet, Pacific Ocean Areas, Central Pacific
Rear Admiral Raymond A. Spruance: Fifth Fleet
Admiral Harold R. Stark: Chief of Naval Operations, Naval Forces Europe

Rear Admiral Robert A. Theobald: North Pacific Area
Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner: Amphibious Forces Pacific Fleet
Rear Admiral Theodore S. Wilkinson: Third Amphibious Force

It's possible to endlessly argue which officers were the most competent, most successful, and/or most important to a nation's war effort. The selection of officers here is not intended to settle that debate. This is simply a representative sample of senior leaders of the armed forces who held some of the highest and most visible positions during the war. 



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