War Diary: Oswald Mosley

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War Diary records for Oswald Mosley
Leader of the British Union of Fascists

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10 March 1940
United Kingdom
British fascist leader Oswald Mosley demands Jews be expelled from the UK

23 May 1940
United Kingdom
Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of British fascist party, arrested and imprisoned

29 June 1940
United Kingdom
Diana Mitford, wife of Sir Oswald Mosley and sister of Unity Mitford, arrested and imprisoned as public danger due to pro-Nazi views

18 March 1943
United Kingdom
Unity Mitford visits Diana Mitford Mosley and Oswald Mosley in prison

19 November 1943
United Kingdom
Oswald Mosley, leader of Union of British Fascists, and his wife, Diana Mitford, released from prison due to his ill health and placed under house arrest for remainder of the war

3 September 1945 - 25 January 2016
After the war
Mosley and his wife, Diana Mitford, settled in Ireland and then France with unsuccessful attempts running for office in the UK on stridently right wing platforms, dying in France on 3 December 1980 at the age of 84

Dates are local to the time zone in which the event occurred, but discrepancies and inconsistencies abound throughout the sources, especially when events ocurred shortly before or after midnight.

War Diary records on file for this subject: 6
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