COMPILATION: You Must Be Barking - The Dogs Bollocks Volume 1


You Must Be Barking - The Dogs Bollocks Volume 1

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As featured in the National Geographic magazine. Pan-continental musicians unite for the BSAPP


You Must Be Barking – The Dogs Bollocks Volume 1
As featured in The National Geographic Magazine


Fully endorsed by Judy Dyble, this fine collection of traditional and contemporary acoustic musings is guaranteed to bring you, the listener, much happiness and help US raise much needed funds for our Buy A Brick Appeal. This collection, from accomplished names spanning 2 continents is a must buy. ‘You Must Be Barking - Vol 1’ includes contributions from names such as, The Cosmic Voices, Shaun T Hunter, Al Dickinson. Linda Watkins, Roger Davies, Soliloquise, Cynthia Bennett, Andrey Hirkiy, Hollis Robinson, Tim Moon, Chris & Siobhan Nelson, Jessica Lombard, Circus Envy Band and Jonathan Taylor. It is a strictly limited addition, jus t 2000 copies. You cannot purchase this collection anywhere else AND the artists concerned are donating ALL FUNDS raised from its sale to us, The Bulgarian Society for Animal Protection and Preservation.

Read Judy’s endorsement below:

Yes, I know there are hundreds, if not thousands of animal rescue charities through out the world and yes, I know that they all have a million heart-breaking and heart-warming stories to tell, and yes, I know they all need money to continue their work. So why have I chosen to endorse this charity, the BSAPP, instead of any of the others? Well I haven’t. I am just aware that every time a tiny bit of money goes to any one of these charities then that is one more animal helped. And so… right now…it’s this one. All the money from this CD will go to help Dr Stoyanov and his team to re-build his Animal rescue Centre. It will only take 2000 copies to be sold, (actually 1999 because I’m buying one) and all the money will be raised. Shouldn’t take much more than a few minutes to do that, now should it? And what fabulous contributions are on it, all unique and rare. I am delighted to be able to be a small part of this wonderful idea.

Judy Dyble - ex Fairport Convention

TRACK 1: If I Knew Then
Written & Performed by Al Dickinson
Al Dickinson followed the natural progression from acoustic folk through rock to blues in the early eighties and has become regarded as one of the foremost Rhythm & Blues guitarists in the north east of England. Working with 'The Roadside Shuffle' he made his mark on the local music scene with his own inimitable style of guitar playing and singing. Soon they were to be joined by master shuffler John Steel from "The Animals" on drums. The best got better, and as a three piece took the Newcastle blues scene to a different level.

TRACK 2: Vanessa
Written & Performed by Jessica Lombard
At such a young age (just 13 years), Jessica has already established herself as a prolific songwriter and seasoned performer. She writes music and lyrics with an ability that stretches far beyond her years. Jessica initially displayed an interest in the piano at the tender age of 3, and by the time she was 6, Jessica was playing sophisticated arrangements. She is truly a phenomenon – an artist whose musical style has been compared to that of Jewel and Tori Amos with an artistic vision all her own. Jessica is always writing new songs while diligently studying piano and voice. She recently appeared in a stage version of “Beauty and the Beast” and was cast as ‘Star To Be’ in the musical “Annie”. In May she finished her play "Alice in Wonderland" where she had the lead role of as Alice. Jessica is a serious student and is on the school honour roll.

TRACK 3: Shalom Aleyhem
Traditional. Performed by Cosmic Voices
Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria are one of the most popular Bulgarian folk choirs today. The choir was founded in 1994 by the producer Emil Minev and conductor Vania Moneva. Today this unique choir includes 18 female singers carefully selected by numerous castings in different regions in Bulgaria. The characteristic sound of the singers is typical for the Balkan culture. The choir has worked on numerous CD productions with internationally acclaimed artists such as Vesselina Kasarova - BMG Classic/Red Seal - her CD with Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria "Bulgarian Soul" earned the ECHO Award in 2004, Christian Kolonovits, Ikuko Kawai - JVC Victor Japan, Yoko Kanno - JVC Victor Japan.

TRACK 4: Still Strangers
Written & Performed by Circus Envy Band
Circus Envy are a rootsy five piece based in East Yorkshire, who eschew the indie rock zeitgeist in their home town in favour of a sound equally influenced by classic rock, folk rock and Americana. Diverting from the mainstream by using instrumentation as exotic as the Cajon, and the bouzouki, Circus Envy delight audiences when playing both electrically and acoustically, by building on the strengths of each to create a subtly different, organic sound every time.

TRACK 5: First Of A New Breed Or The Last Of Your Kind?
Written & Performed by Shaun T Hunter
After being courted by the pop powers that be in previous musical incarnations Shaun finally found a home for his music. He’d always been a songwriter, always had an affinity for great songs, great writers and always marvelled that no matter how contemporary you endeavour to sound you are only left with 'the song'...this was where his first engagement with the organic acoustic scene grew. ' Real songs ' played by ' real people ' for ' real people ' and the spoken word appreciated with a congruous silence, erupting only after a song or piece is finished, no false promises of shadowy A&R figures looming in the background, no talk of 'how do we market this'...only of the elation and sharing of someone's expression and performance in an age where he honestly believes, we have in large droves become desensitised, there remains something pure and intangible, something, without sounding trite, quite magical... where music is its own reward.

TRACK 6: Lisa Lan
Traditional. Performed by Linda Watkins
So, here I am - Linda Watkins Singer/Songwriter and guitarist - but it doesn't end there. I also enjoy playing mandolin and bodhran along with an assortment of more unusual instruments including Portuguese guitar and Puerto Rican Cuatro which often find their way into my performances. My songs reflect a very varied set of musical influences. from traditional folk and classical composers to ..heavy rock and popular singer-songwriters from a host of nations - the list is almost endless as I am always looking for new material and ideas thus constantly exploring and experiencing a diverse selection of both contemporary and traditional music. My unique performances are quite at home in both the small venue or on the larger stage as is borne out by a host of engagements encompassing everything from birthday parties, Burns Night Suppers, switching on of Christmas lights, singer-songwriter sessions through to folk club and large festival appearances! My most unusual engagement so far has been singing boat rides!

TRACK 7: Soosh
Written & Performed by Tim Moon (Except instrumental interlude traditional)
Born in West Yorkshire in 1953 Tim first played in front of an audience playing piano with his Grandma in the village of Shelf. In 1963 he played guitar and sang with the school boy pop band ‘The Modbeats’ By 1974 he had taken up a few more instruments (thanks to the influence of the Incredible String Band) and formed a band called ‘Argey Bargey’ which soon paired down to a duo, a format that lasted until the formation of ‘The Yorkshire Miracle’ in 1977. The Miracle released the single ‘The CAMRA Song’ / 'The Redeemin' Grace', before expanding to a 5 piece and becoming ‘Ploughshare, which in turn became a duo of Tim and Pete Watson. After a number of years playing mainly solo he teamed up with Helen Porthouse to form ‘New Moon’. After Helen left she was briefly replaced by Jane Mellonie before concentrating on solo work which saw the release of the ‘No Amnesty!’ album, described as ‘..magic of the first order...’ by Folk Roots. Tim has also supported on stage bands such as Fairport Convention.

TRACK 8: The Streets Of Forbes
Traditional. Performed by Chris & Siobhan nelson
We're Chris & Siobhan Nelson, and we've been performing music together for more than 20 years. We recently appeared on stage at Span Fest 2007, Steeleye Span’s first weekend gathering. After many years with bands, we are now concentrating on working as an acoustic duo, with a repertoire drawn from a wide range of sources, both traditional and contemporary. As a duo, the songs we sing are accompanied on fiddle, tenor guitar, octave mandola or viola (but not all at the same time 'live'!), or sung a capella; Chris often throws in a few fiddle tunes too. Siobhan's singing is frequently described as spine-tingling, but she also 'lets rip' in a more powerful style when the song requires it. Siobhan does most of the lead vocals, but Chris manages to get a look in with a solo song or two as well. Our live performances are always extremely well received, and we're equally at home in an intimate acoustic setting, or on the 'big stage'.

TRACK 9: Devil Train
Written & Performed by Hollis Robinson Project
USA / England
The Hollis-Robinson Project (formerly Heath Robinson Folk) is a duo of music hobbyists (although both of us have worked as professional musicians all those years ago....). We enjoy all sorts of music, from rock to traditional acoustic folk to all kinds of strange stuff. We never know what we'll end up writing -- our songs have ranged from rocked-out Child ballads to soft acoustic numbers to Americana to novelty tunes decide. Joellen lives in the USA and Richard, the UK. We compose and arrange our own material by exchanging files via the internet. A true cross-pond project.

TRACK 10: Toccata and Fugue
Traditional. Performed by Andrey Hirkiy - Accordeon player / Street Busker. Poland

TRACK 11: Please Close The Door Quietly
Written & Performed by Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor is the Great Grandson of soprano singer and early recording pioneer Rebecca Johnson (nee Reece), Grandson of Ivy (nee Johnson) Usher (a play anything by ear Pianist) and a Cousin of Robert (Bob) Johnson - Steeleye Span (Though they have met just the once.) My first band ‘Peach’ 'he says, (Abergavenny) worked without drums but added Saxophone for depth.' ‘Up here (Halifax), I formed the original line up of ‘Waving Not Drowning’ with Anna (got some good press and released an independent 12") and afterwards formed ‘The Atom Arc Landslide’ with David. Then John and I, as ‘Cali’, worked on some traditional South American stuff too.’ He now travels and works solo. 'It's so much easier' he laughs! He has appeared on Independent Television and BBC / Worldwide radio. His youth-work CV has included work with Toyah Wilcox (Courtesy of BBC Manchester.) Debut - The Collection ( A best off from the first 3 albums) is sold to raise money for the BSAPP, Bulgaria.

TRACK 12: Roger The Miller
Traditional. Performed by Cynthia Bennett
Failte (Welcome)
Cynthia grew up in a musical family but didn't perform professionally until she was well into two careers, as a mother and as a nurse. After being "dragged blinking onto a stage", she has delighted audiences in Ireland, Canada, and the United States with her pure vocals, whimsical humour, and spirit of adventure and fun. In her music, Cynthia relates Celtic mythology, Irish history and stories of everyday life, frequently with a humorous twist. Mother Ireland's Daughters, recorded in the US and Ireland, commemorates the struggle for Irish independence. So what makes this one different? Finally, some attention to the women who shaped, and continue to make, Irish history!

TRACK 13: Love U Like Breathing
Written & Performed by Soliloquise
I am a 38 year old writer and musician based in rural West Wales. I write and record my own songs (with the exception of one cover song " Fotheringay " ) Most of the instruments are played by me Soliloquise... although Jeff Thomas appears on flute on some tracks. Hoping to add melodeon player Ian soon too ! I won't bore you with too much blurb about me but for those interested in labels I am a solitary witch, a vegetarian, a socialist and a lesbian. Before I got into music full time I worked in the field of learning disabilities and mental health. I adore folk music and have great admiration for people who hone their skills especially fiddle players. Just listen to Dave Swarbrick and you will understand :)

TRACK 14: Leavin’
Written & Performed by Roger Davies
Sometimes an acoustic guitar and a voice is enough, if you've got things called songs. Roger Davies, a singer/songwriter from Huddersfield obviously subscribes to this theory. After leaving his native West Yorkshire, Davies travelled south to study songwriting at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. There, he wrote the songs that found their way onto his debut album 'Littletown', recorded in just 6 days and released by Headroom Records in 2004. After opening shows for artists such as Cara Dillon, Alex Lloyd and Harvey Andrews, Davies has begun performing in Folk Clubs across West Yorkshire as well as at Festivals, further a field. His second album 'Northern Trash' was released in April 2007 to a flurry of good reviews: "There is potentially a huge talent emerging in our midst: Roger Davies. His new songs tell of the ordinariness of life in Huddersfield, amongst other things, all delivered with extraordinary, understated humour and delightful turns of phrase. I can see a great future ahead so do the man and yourself a favour and buy his CD to help him on his way." - Joe Grint (Tykes News, summer 2007)

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  • Chris Goodall - Quest Bulgaria Magazine
    author: Christopher Goodall

    Great album. Great cause. Thank you Jonathan for organising this. We have supported this charity for many years and it's just fantastic to see this initiative. Plus, I now have a whole load of new artists of fabulous music to seek out thanks to the album. Any fan of traditional folk music should add this one to their collection! Chris -- Quest Bulgaria Magazine


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