International Astronomical Union

Commission 8 - Astrometry

President: Wen-Jing Jin -
Vice President: Imants Platais -

Organizing Committee:

name e-mail
Edgardo Costa
Christine Ducourant
Irina I. Kumkova
Mario G. Lattanzi
Chunlin Lu
Siegfried Roeser
Elena Schilbach
Heiner Schwan
Ronald Stone

Information pertaining to the business of Commission 8 (period August 2000 - July 2003) will be posted here.

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List of members and e-mail addresses

NOTE: The list of e-mail addresses was compiled by Dr. Heiner Schwan, former president of Commission 8 and Dr. Elena Schilbach, former president of Commission 24(thanks Heiner and Elena!). There are 7 members who have no e-mail addresses or no correct e-mail addresses with mark "*" before their name. If you can help please send information to Wen-Jing Jin ( Thanks in advance!

Commission 8 is included in Division 1 (President: Nicole Capitaine)

Main fields of activity


Working Groups

Information on Working Groups within Division 1 is also available from the Division 1 home page.

1. WG on The Future Development of Ground-Based Astrometry
2. WG on AC and CdC Plates
3. WG on Reference System
4. WG on Relativity for Celestial Mechanics and Astrometry
5. WG on Astronomical Redefinition of UTC
6. WG on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements of the Planets and Satellites
7. WG on Near Earth Objects




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