François ROSTAS

DAMAP et UMR 8588 du CNRS
Observatoire de Paris - Meudon
92195 MEUDON Cedex

Tel   +33 (0)1 45 07 75 65
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During the last few years, François Rostas has been active in Laboratory Astrophysics and mainly in Vacuum Ultraviolet Molecular Spectroscopy and Photodynamics. A large part of his work has been focused on the absorption and photodissociation cross section spectra of the CO molecule. This knowhow was applied recently to the analysis of CO absorption spectra discovered with the HST in the circumstellar disk of beta-Pictoris. F.R. has also taken part in ground based observations of the infrared emission of H2 molecules excited in reflection nebulae by the UV flux of the central star.

Earlier work concerned collisional broadening of spectral lines by neutral perturbers including the H atom. The main experimental techniques used in these studies have been: High Resolution Spectroscopy, Combustion Driven Shock Tube, Laser Induced Fluorescence, VUV Coherent Laser Source, Synchrotron Radiation Source.