Select Data from Kelly Atomic Data

This facility permits selective searches of some atomic data compliled by R. L. Kelly. The data provided are:
- vacuum wavelength [in nm],
- intensity estimate,
- E [in cm-1], j, and configuration for lower and upper levels,
- multiplet (where available),
- reference numbers of the sources of the data.

Enter vacuum wavelength range in nm: (blank entries limit search to 1 nm)
From: nm to: nm

Enter the Z.Charge or Z.Charge range you wish to search:
Z is the atomic number; charge is the charge state.
Specify Z.Charge numerically.
Example: Z.Charge from: [26.00] to: [26.01] returns lines of neutral iron (Fe I) and singly ionized iron (Fe+ or Fe II). (Note .01, not .1, for singly charged ions.)
If first Z.Charge is blank, search is limited to neutral Fe.
If first selection is non-blank and second is blank, search for only one.
If .Charge is .99 this indicates unclassified lines.
Z.Charge from: to:

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