~ Stuff the Christian Coalition wouldn't approve of... ~
~ Not that they approve of anything anyway... ~

We here at CheggNasty believe that a lot of things are funny. Infact, many of the things that we think are funny would offend a lot of people. Why? Because those people take everything WAY to seriously. However, we know that there are a lot of people out there who want to see this funny, "offensive" comedy. You know who you are. Well, fortunately for you, you have found CheggNasty!

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended, go away now and never come back. CheggNasty can, and most likely will, make fun of every race, sex, ethnicity and whatever other group that you can think of. However, most of the jokes deal with sex. Why? Because sex is funny, and we are all horny. So are you. Admit it. If you do decide to go beyond this point, you wave all rights to complain about being offended.

The other dislaimer (copyrights): All of the material was found on the ISU network or mailed to us. In other words, if you see something that seems copyrighted or whatever, we didn't steal it first. It was already ripped off from whomever and being passed around, so it's fair game. If you do hold the copyright and would like us to remove it from our library, let us know.

A baby seal walked into a club one day...