~ We're so violent we blew up our slogan ~

Right... CheggWar is the military division of Chegg. Does that mean we are violent people? Hell no... and anyone who says so is gonna get their ass whooped. Nahhh... we ain't violent, we just play it on TV. In other words, this will be the place were we play around with ... uhh... stuff.

February 27, 2001: Three new slideshows added, and more to come eventually since I have a bunch of burns but don't have 'em scanned in. Check these three out. You can get a glimpse of the new digicam in "Box of Fire 2 - Digicam Test Run" , check out fire jumping in "Box of Fire", and look at hay, in "Seager and Shadow go camping." Shadow captioned the last 2, check 'em out.

December 31st, 2000:Josh: The entire slideshow was rewritten so that Seager didn't have to go through so much trouble to make new shows. You shouldn't notice anything different so if you do, let me know at LetUsBurnJosh@chegg.com. Thanks.

June 17th, 2000: Added Cheggwar backgrounds. See file downloads below for more information. Also footage for slideshow #6 was taken tonight. Woo hoo! Tenitively titled: "Chegg vs. the Fire Department"

June 15th, 2000: 4 new fire slideshows have been added to create a total of 5. Woo hoo! They kick monkey ass. To access the menu click the burning chair below.

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Who is behind CheggWar you ask? Well, you already know who Chegg is, and if you don't, SHAME ON YOU! Go to the about page to find out. But CheggWar isn't just Chegg. The contributors currently are The Seager (of Chegg) and Shadow, Prozac, Joe the Barber, Slippy, Kao, Delta, and Lurch. The latter seven are honorary Chegg members. It's good to have pyros for friends.

Image Archive (for fullsize zipped pictures):
Death of a Chair - 6.91 megs
Fire Art - 9.75 megs
Sparkler Bomb - 11.4 megs
Death of a Couch and Mattress - 28.5 megs
"FlameThrower" - 5.74 megs

CheggWar Backgrounds:

Burning Couch background - 1.37 megs
Same picture as above with muted logos - 1.37 megs.

A preview of the above images - Note, these are the first
backgrounds I ever made. So if they suck, bite me. And then
tell me, so I can make better ones.

Random Cheggwar Art!
(aka, the nixed version of the logo I made to replace the old one (top of page) but then decided not too)

Please don't use these as evidence against us or something nasty like at.