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Is this how you process resumes?

Welcome to the Chinese Job Market. This is an online database of resumes. Candidates can post their resume for free. Managers can look at resumes, post their job, get an account, and phone screen candidates all for free. We only earn our money when you find a person you like, hire them, and they stay with your company.

This site has lots of great features. You can do a key word search on resumes using the text search field below. You can restrict your search to geographical regions using the links below that.

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You can scan the resumes at the bottom of this page by experience, location, and visa status. If you like a candidate, but do not see the resume, please ask me to post that resume.

You can move candidates you like to your own private list. You need to first register as a manager, and have been given an account to perform this function. Check the boxes on the left of the candidates you like, then hit the big button below. You can see your private list of candidates using the matches button on the right end of the button bar.

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Candidate Current Location Acceptable Locations Citizenship Degrees
#2149 Newark California U.S. [ ' N o n e C o m p l e t e d ' ]

Introduction Resumes Introduction Submit Resume PostJob Case Studies