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Zope is a production of Digital Creations.

The Zope software receives contributions from far and wide. Here's the Zope Hall of Fame:

  • Jeff Bauer is Zope Dude Number One. Jeff took over PCGI and kept pushing it forward through the years.
  • Sam Rushing worked with us at Digital Creations to make Medusa the publishing platform for ZServer and the concurrency of Zope2.
  • The DateTime module was based on work from Ted Horst.
  • Jordan Baker contributed the 'try' tag, something I've wanted for a long, long time.
  • Martijn Pieters chipped in with a safe range function, and much, much more!
  • Michael Hauser came up with the name "Zope".
  • All the other Zopistas far and wide that stuck with us during the Bobo/Principia days and politely push us to make the best damn app server on this or any other planet.

Of course the list of credits would be quite incomplete without mentioning Guido van Rossum, benevolent dictator of Python and long-time friend of Digital Creations. Zope Power is Python Power.

Paul Everitt, paul@digicool.com.

Created by Amos. Last modified on 1999/09/14.

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