Report on Commission 16 Business Meeting The meeting was held on August 11, 2000, at 6 p.m., with 11 people in attendance.

The meeting was conducted by C. de Bergh, President of Commission 16, with D. Cruikshank serving as secretary.

The President reported on the activities of the Organizing Committee for 1997-2000. Briefly summarized, those activities consisted of the approval of various meetings for sponsorship, assistance in the organization of the Symposium on "Planetary Systems in the Universe" in Manchester, and the organization of a Joint Discussion on "Highlights of Space Exploration from Space and from Earth" in Manchester. In addition, the Commission published its report of highlights of planetary science during three years of activity. The Commission also participated in discussions about the status of Pluto and in the creation of a Working Group on Extrasolar Planetary Systems. Commission participation in the WG for Planetary System Nomenclature and the WG on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements of Planets and Satellites continued as in previous years.

The President warmly thanked the members of the Organizing Committee for their very valuable help during her term, noting that they had been very responsive to her communications and requests. The Commission elected new officers and a new Organizing Committee for 2000-2003. The following officers were elected: D. Cruikshank (USA) as President R. Courtin (France) as Vice President G. Consolmagno (Vatican) as Secretary

Other members of the Organizing Committee elected are: M. Belton (USA), C. Blanco (Italy), A. Coradini (Italy), C. de Bergh (France), M. McGrath (USA), K. Noll (USA), T. Owen (USA), V. Tejfel (Kazakhstan), L. Ksanfomality (Russia) and J. Spencer (USA)

A number of incoming IAU members have asked for membership in Commission 16. This list included : B. Bezard (France), F. Billebaud (France), G. Burba (Russia), Z. Dlugach (Ukraine), C. Ferrari (France), L. Lara (Spain), J. Luu (The Netherlands), J. Mihalov (USA), J. Spencer (USA), and A. Vidmachenko (Ukraine). It appeared that J. Luu's application had been sent to the wrong Commission. All other applications were accepted.

A few items of unfinished business were reported by the President. Specifically, she noted that attempts to set up a web page for Commission 16 in time for the Manchester General Assembly had failed, although some preparatory work had been done some time before. Furthermore, she noted her regret that the list of electronic mail addresses of Commission members is incomplete. She expressed her wish that the next Executive Committee can complete work on these two matters. At the request of the General Secretary of the IAU, the President solicited opinions about the publication of proceedings of Joint Discussions and Colloquia, as well as thoughts about the organization of Commissions and Divisions, and the composition of the IAU Executive Committee.