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As of November 19 2009, changes have been made to how Wind Chill and Humidex values are calculated. Please click here for further details. A detailed outline of these calculations can be found in the Glossary.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new feature, Historical Radar to our site.  The Historical Radar feature allows users to view historical radar images from 2007 to present at the national, regional and local levels.  It can be accessed by clicking the “Historical Radar” link on the left menu bar.

The Notice Inventory contains a record of all past and current Notices.

Products and Services

Products Online

Climate Data Online: Provides direct access to historical climate data for specific locations and dates.

Almanac Data: Provides average and extreme temperature and precipitation values for a particular station over its entire period of record. Where available, the most recent 5 years of daily data are displayed.

Climate Normals & Averages: Climate averages and extremes for Canadian locations with at least 15 years of data between 1971 to 2000.

Climate Summaries: A cross-country summary of averages and extremes for one month.

WMO Volume A Report - Canada: Lists all Canadian surface and upper air stations providing synoptic meteorological reports, their operational activities and essential detailed information.

IDF Files: Short-duration rainfall intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) statistics in the form of tables and graphs with accompanying documentation, for 549 locations across Canada. These files can be downloaded for each province, territory or for all of Canada.

Historical Publications: Historical Environment Canada publications now available digitally. These publications are based on studies or analyses using data from the National Climate Archives.

Historical Radar: Provides access to historical radar images for 31 stations across Canada. National, regional and local images are available.

CDs & Downloads

Canadian Daily Climate Data (CDCD): For those with a high speed Internet connection, the 2006/7 CDCD containing daily temperature, precipitation and snow-on-the-ground data is available for download. Data is available for the complete period of record for each location up to 2007. The file contains software that provides access to the data.

Please note that the CDCD download file is 212 MB and will require 880 MB of disk space when uncompressed. Download times will vary according to each user's system and internet traffic.

The data licensing agreement allows for redistribution of data under certain conditions. Click here for a copy of the agreement.


Technical Documentation: Describes data formats, fields and layout, definitions of measurement units, flags and notes pertaining to specific data elements. This documentation is designed primarily for clients or users of data in our standard archive format.

Synoptic/Metstat Station Information: A catalogue of Canadian weather reporting stations with program information and hours of operation.

Glossary: Definitions or descriptions of terms or abbreviations used on these web pages.

Calculation of the 1971 to 2000 Climate Normals for Canada


If you request for data or information that is not available at this web site, contact us at Climate.Services@ec.gc.ca for customized requests. Please check Prices for basic charges.

For a contact close to your region, please see Contacts.