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The "Weather Winners" Highlights

The Weather Winners - The winning city in each of the 72 weather categories. For example, Prince Rupert BC is the wettest city in Canada.

Highlight Table of Weather Winners - The top three cities in 16 weather categories.

The Cities For All Seasons - The cities with typical Canadian weather - lots of variety, but few extremes. Montreal is the weather winner here-- the "quintessential" Canadian city!

The Cities With The Toughest Weather -The cities with the most "tough" weather, i.e.: those which scored highest in the "tough" weather categories, including the foggiest, the snowiest, the wettest and the windiest. St. John's NL and Gander NL are tied for first place.

The Cities with the Most Comfortable Weather -The cities which scored highest in the "comfortable" weather categories, including the mildest winter, spring and fall; the most sunshine, lightest winds, and lowest humidity. Victoria and Nanaimo BC are tied for first place.

The Final Top Medal Standings - gold, silver and bronze medals for first, second and third place finishes in 72 weather categories and total medals for 12 top cities.

The North

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