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Province-Territory Weather Winners

Next to bragging about which community enjoys or endures the most weather, Canadians like to boast how their province or territory compares with the warmest, snowiest or the windiest. To settle arguments as to which jurisdiction can legitimately lay claim to being tops in weather, David Phillips, Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist analyzed 30 years of recent weather data for each of Canada's ten provinces and three territories. His results are sure to provide for entertaining conversation but could also assist provincial and territorial governments, industries, tourism and recreational businesses and those seeking weather information to make decisions on where to reside for retirement or health purposes.

Province-Territory Weather Winners is a follow-up to the highly popular Canadian Cities Are Weather Winners site released in 2003. This new study looks at how each Canadian province and territory ranks in 70 different weather categories, including those groupings used in the city weather winners. Data for 30 years from 150 weather stations, representative of the geography in each province and territory, were used to compute averages for each jurisdiction. Among the categories included are: the warmest province or territory year-round, the hottest in summer, the coldest in winter, the sunniest year-round, the province or territory with the most freezing rain days, the most heavy snow days, the most thunderstorm days, etc. The website allows you to view how your province or territory ranks for each of the categories and includes the weighted-average value for the category in question.

Weather Honours by Province and Territory

Summary of Weather Winners

Province-Territory Weather Winners for 70 Categories

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