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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question regarding your subscription, home delivery or any other our service? Below, you'll find answers to commonly asked questions. If you still need assistance, please contact us at

Home delivery

Q: How can I order a subscription in Japan?

A: Please fill out our online subscription form. Simply fill in the blanks and press the submit button. If you have any trouble, e-mail

Q: How can I suspend delivery while I'm on vacation?

A: Simply fill out our vacation stop-request form and press the submit button. You will receive a confirmation e-mail later. If you don't receive our confirmation, please send your request to

Please allow 3 days to process your suspension request. If you request a suspension during a weekend, your suspension will start from "the following Tuesday." Since we close on holidays, make sure you're aware of our office hours before you order a suspension.

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: You should receive your paper by 6 a.m. Monday through Sunday.

Q: Can I pay for home delivery with my credit card?

A: Some local Asahi Shimbun distribution agents who deliver the paper every morning and collect fees (unless you reside in Aichi, Gifu or Mie Prefecture, where the fee is collected by a Chunichi Shimbun distribution agent) accept credit-card payments. Your subscription fee will be collected at your door by your local Asahi Shimbun distribution agent around the end of each month if you don't request credit card payment.

Q: What should I do if my newspaper does not arrive or is damaged?

A: Please notify us. We will make a special delivery of the paper to you on the evening of the same day or the next morning.

Q: How often can you start a 7-day free trial subscription?

A: Once. The 7-day free trial is meant for first-time customers who want to try out The Japan Times/The New York Times before they decide whether to subscribe. Domestic only.


Web site

Q: Can I view classified ads online?

A: Some of our classified ads can be viewed on our Web site at Times Classified Ads If you want to view all the classified ads, please purchase Monday's paper (Tuesday's paper in some areas).

Q: Can I subscribe to Email News Service?

A: Yes, please register your information at the top page of EMAIL NEWSLETTERS .


Other services

Q: How do I view or obtain back issues of The Japan Times/The New York Times?

Our Customer Service Desk is only able to accept back issue requests if sufficient stock is available.
Please inquire to confirm availability.

Customer Service Desk
Office hours: weekday 10:00A.M. - 5:00P.M.