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A busy week! Things are moving fast in CMF-land. If you're not already involved, please come on over and join in the discussions that are helping to shape this very powerful product.

New Beta Release

The release of CMF1.1-Beta prompted a lot of traffic. It has a few rough edges, so if you're new to the project, try the more stable version 1.0. If you're old to the project, cvs up.

Several bugs were tracked and fixed, including a metadata tool bug, which most notably broke the new Event content type exemplar.

Chris W was responsible for a torrent of interface tweaks and refactorings. He also announced that he's starting work on Swishdot, the next generation of Squishdot, fully integrated with the CMF.

Make Tres Happy

The high level of bugs, patches and feature requests led to a plea from Tres for some rationalisation of posts. He suggested:

  • patches and bug reports should be put in the Tracker
  • the dogbowl should be used for backing up any tricksy discussions
  • this weekly digest

Subjects, Metadata, Personalisation

This thread started as a proposal for a resource of standard sets of subject metadata, which could be culled from dmoz, for example.

Then, via a discussion on how best to represent hierarchical data, it unexpectedly mutated into an interesting proposal on personalisation, which is now summarised in Bjorn's proposal on the dogbowl ...CMF as a front-end for e-commerce perhaps?

Revisions Proposals

A hotly debated topic which continued into this week from the end of May was revisions.

It began with discussion about workflows, stemming from Shane's excellent first cut at a new TTW workflow tool

It was suggested that the problem of re-editing documents which have already been published would be partially solved by implementing some form of versioning , and a large thread or three were spawned on the subject.

Read These

Marc contributed a handy guide to the colour variables used by the default stylesheet.

Tres wrote a howto on configuring the metatdata tool.

Other Tidbits

The new CookedBody syntax for getting Document bodies was clarified.

A bug involving disappearing FSDocuments, still not resolved.

Tres explained the rationale behind the elements included from the Dublin Core in the CMF; the Coverage field will probably be added. . And for those of you who want to update their website from the beach, a proposal to add content via email.

Silly Statistics

There were about 350 posts in the last week, made by 50 different people. 70% of the posts were by 14% of the contributors.

The best word of the week was hoarky: The best metaphor compared Membership with a type of anorak with a fur-trimmed hood


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