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Traffic on zope-cmf was a little calmer this week, and the majority of it seemed to come from people noticing that the CMFDecor product doesn't work. Andrew suggests removing the CMF Decor folder for now. In the mean time, don't worry - it's not an essential part of the CMF.


It's not always clear how to apply Zope's Security machinery to workgroup scenarios. Jens posted his ideas for implementing Workgroups in CMF. Shane showed how you might accomplish a similar thing using his cutting-edge DCWorkflow. The discussion continued in a slightly different direction following Scott's post on subjects/metadata. Will CMF become the "weapon of choice" for intranet managers?

Metadata - The Next Generation

The use and application of Dublin Core Metadata has come under scrutiny this week. Tim Lynch posted some useful background information on the uses of Dublin Core in the "World Outside CMF" (tm) - to which Tres responded with more details of DC's perspective on the DC.

Subclassing the DublinCore each time you want to extend it can be a bit of a pain. Shane proposes a new implementation; Tres turns fashion-guru and introduces aspect bags - every well dressed content-object will be carrying one this summer. Aspect oriented programming? Lesser mortals reach for their dictionaries!

Bite-Sized Chunks

Seb released a first cut of his Mailin Product. We're one step closer to updating from the beach! Chris W leaked the news that Swishdot will incorporate this functionality, giving a mailinglist/weblog cross - genetic-engineering at its best!

Some useful tips from Jeff on how to get CMFWiki working from CVS... and Tres clarifies DC's thinking on the future of this product. In short, you can use it, but it's not supported officially.

Zopefish dives into CMF. Onlookers drool at the prospect of Zopefish/CMF integration! Has anyone told Dave Winer?

Marc's Colour-Guide undergoes cosmetic surgery, courtesy of Dr Grifter.

Are you thinking of running several CMFs in the same Zope instance? Want to share common skins? So does Chris W - Shane suggests filesystem-based skins

The CMF Dogbowl Calendar is up and running. One to watch for forthcoming Zope-related events.

Silly Stats

(last week's figures in brackets):

    159 messages (350)
    42 people posted (50)
    55% were by 12% of people (70%:40%)
    8 bugs were resolved (?)
    3 were submitted (?)


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