CMF Dogbowl: CMF Weekly News Number 4


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This week, there were 195 posts, made by 57 people (35% of which were posted by 5% of the people).

How to achieve World Domination in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Interoperability - There was some discussion about interoperability with other CMSes. Easing the pain of migrating between competing systems and the CMF could be a clear winner. However, perhaps a prerequisite of interoperability with the Big Playaz (Vignette, Broadvision) is a community standard for managing websites, rather than just content types?

At which point Jon whipped out his own fledgling CMS, and asked complete strangers to play with it... rumours that he is enticing potential collaborators with offers of sweeties and puppies are totally unfounded!

Step 2 - The Intranet/Extranet Market - Craig wondered how suitable the CMF was for corporate extranets. It emerged that several people were using it for this purpose.

The possibility that the CMF is currently more suited to corporate intranets than CMSs, out of the box, was raised by Seb, and this theme was picked up by Paul Everitt, as a possible market focus for the CMF (especially for SMEs).

Step 3 - Friends in High Places - Straight from the mouth of a self-confessed pooh-bah - "there's a big, big future for the CMF."

Look, it's working already! - Amidst all the advocacy musings was one particularly glowing comment from cameron:

    "This is what Zope was born for, and I salute you"

At my signal, unleash hell!

New products / releases

Some CMF Sites

Odds and Ends

There are some questions still looking for answers - in particular, How to grok Workflow (a brief answer appeared), Gregoire's workflow questions and how to get Stock Zope Objects into a CMF instance - lots of requests,

Idle wonderings about RSS feeds of the mailing list turned into a fullblown discovery of Ken's Stealth ZOMA.

Thoughts about an integrated spell checker; better living through rationalised skins; is the Undo UI useable; some ideas about subscription; and how to handle changes in the codebase gracefully.

Remi launched a thread about translating the CMF. It looks like there are, or will be, versions underway in French, Spanish and German.

Finally, there was some discussion about discussions - Seb and / or Chris will be having to write a new discussion tool soon, so any more input on this issue would be very welcome.