CMF Dogbowl: CMF Week in Review 5


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The stats ma'am, just the stats...

There were 181 messages, by 54 posters.

37% of messages were created by 7% of the posters.

Coincidentally, this is the same proportion of all posters whose surname begins with a vowel. Don't you feel better for knowing that?

On the Most Wanted list this week...

ZopeNewbies considers becoming a CMFNewbie. Come on in, the water's lovely!

Darin wants to use CMF to make a SourceForge clone. Which leads to Ken unleashing another of his unsupported beasts, and the tantalising prospect of a CMF-based Tracker!

Do DC's offices resemble the "Marie-Celeste" this week? No postcards from Tres, but Shane is holding the fort and releases an early proposal to align CMF with the Zope "New Religion". And Andrew muses on the possibilities for Repeating Events in CMF Calendar.

Seb proposes that a standard should be developed for Content Management Systems to interact with CMF. Many heads nod vigorously in approval, and Ulrich ties in the development of workflow tools. Jeff takes the workflow concept one step further, with the possibility of a GUI workflow tool.

Rene asks for tips on CMF-ising Python products, and Marc obliges

Modular Documentation anyone?

Still at large from last week...

How to translate CMF

CMF for Intranets