CMF Dogbowl: CMF Dogbowl



PTK Wiki Content Moving Here
By tseaver

2001-02-27 12:57:23

The "PTK Wiki": is in serious need of gardening. We are moving the more important "current" artifacts here, while leaving the wiki as an important hysterical artifact.


We're Up
By tseaver

2001-02-27 12:57:23


CMF Dogbowl Leaked
By tseaver

2001-02-27 12:57:23

The existence of a new, top-secret "dogbowl site", for the product-formerly-known-as-PTK (the Content Management Framework, or "CMF") was leaked to the PTK and zope-dev communities today.


Announce: CMF 1.0alpha Available
By tseaver

2001-02-23 16:27:10

CMF 1.0alpha is available!


Sample Portal Content
By davew

2001-02-21 14:52:53

A tutorial on how to create custom Portal Content with the new CMF.


CMF Developement Process Overview - Early Draft
By klm

2001-02-21 10:02:40

I'm releasing a preliminary draft of a document attempting to gather an overview of the various aspects of our CMF development efforts. See


Portal Designs Document Posted
By jshell

2001-02-21 09:01:19

A document about some various types of portal designs and how the CMF may be used and customized to implement some of them.


Printable Page (beta) on Dogbowl
By jshell

2001-02-21 08:52:32

An experimental "Printable Page" option using skins is now available on the DogBowl, with information on how to implement and take advantage of this feature on your own CMF sites.


Latest CVS changes may require special handling
By jens

2001-02-20 16:57:13

People with existing portals who upgrade their PTK software might need to run a special upgrade script


CMF and ZMC Overview Available
By Bill

2001-02-20 09:38:33

An overview on how to use the ZMC and the CMF together is available. It is in draft status.


Some User Interface Issues
By kastork

2001-02-20 09:34:41

<p> I've been evaluating the new alpha release of CMF (still called PTK 0.1alpha). There are a couple of issues with the interface for adding new content worth discussing. </p>


How To Migrate from PTK to CMF
By andrew

2001-02-16 11:49:22

A step by step process on how to migrate old style portal sites to the new CMF (Portal New) style PTK. This includes scripts to help move acl_users and Member content between instances.