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Web Analytics Guru Avinash Kaushik discusses how to take your site beyond averages.

What is Google Analytics?

With Google Analytics, you can gather, view, and analyze data about your website traffic. See which content gets the most visits, average page views and time on site for visits, which ads are driving the most visitors to your site, and much more. By embedding our basic JavaScript snippet into your pages, you enable your site to send key information to Google Analytics for each pageview. Our servers process your site's data and generate over 80 detailed reports. You can also use the simple administrative interface to set up goals and filters to control what data goes into your reports based on your business needs. The best part: this sophisticated, full-featured web analytics package is free.

Our New Model: ga.js

Migrate to the new tracking code, and take advantage of a wide range of exciting new features, including the new event tracking and improved ecommerce setup.

Site Search is Here!

Knowing what visitors are looking for once they reach your site is valuable information. Enable 'Site Search' to track and report on your site's search functionality.

Customize for Richer Data

Learn how to tailor the tracking code to your business needs, including ecommerce, campaign tracking, event tracking, and more.

Data by Any Other Name

Setting up an advanced implementation of Google Analytics for your business? Find out how your naming scheme can make or break the usefulness of a report.