Service Buyback Package

This package provides you with some information about elections to purchase prior pensionable service also known as buying back service.

An election is a legally binding contract to purchase a period of prior service to increase your pensionable service under the Public Service Superannuation Act (PSSA). It may include a period of employment, in the public service or with some other employer. Refer to Prior Service for further details on what type of service can be considered elective service.

An election may be for all or part of a period of prior service. If it is for only a part, it usually must be for the part that occurred most recently.

You may make an election at any time while you are employed in the public service and contributing to the PSSA. Cost and other requirements may vary, depending on when you make the election.

Making the Decision to Buy Back Service

Explore these links to learn more about buying back service:

The Administrative Process

When you decide to buy back service please contact your Compensation Advisor. Familiarize yourself with the following so that you are comfortable with the process: