Reprints and Permissions

Since its founding in 1923, TIME Magazine has been one of the most authoritative and informative guides to what is happening in the worlds of health and science, politics, business, society and entertainment.

Put TIME's award winning journalism and the power of the TIME brand to work for you by taking advantage of one or more of the many products and services offered by the TIME Reprints and Permissions department:

1. Custom Reprints
High quality, customized, reprints (500 minimum order) of TIME Magazine articles that are of particular interest to your company or organization can be used as a powerful promotional tool that offer the perfect complement to your in-house marketing material.

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2.E-Prints (electronic reprints for online display)
In addition to custom reprints, TIME Magazine can also create customized, digital versions of TIME articles in high resolution PDF format that can be posted directly on your company's website or intranet.

3. Licensing/Republishing content in print
It couldn't be easier to obtain permission to republish TIME content in books, newsletters, or other publications for editorial and commercial uses. To order, find the article(s) you wish to reprint and click on the "Reprints" link located under the share tools near the beginning of the text. Click here to begin your search.

4. TIME Cover Usage
With its iconic red-bordered cover, TIME has never lost its singular power to convey the significance of a particular person, event, issue or idea. For information on how to request use of a TIME Cover in print, television, film, or exhibit click here.

5. Photocopying Permissions
To request permission to photocopy a TIME article for classroom use, course packs, business or general use click here.

6. Single Copy Sales
For information on how to purchase entire issues of the domestic edition of Time Magazine. Click Here

If you are looking to request use of a photograph, please contact the photographers or their agents directly to obtain permission.

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