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COPAC is a new national Online Public Access Catalogue, providing unified access to the online catalogues of some of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland. [Further Information]

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Searching COPAC

General Search Information and Common Search Problems

Three types of search are available:

* Author/Title Search

* Periodical Search

* Subject Search

Further Information

* User Assistance: For help and information contact the COPAC Helpdesk by email to copac@mcc.ac.uk. We would welcome any constructive comments or suggestions you have regarding COPAC.

* User Guides: An online Web User Guide is available providing basic details of the COPAC Web Interface. Postscript and .pdf versions of the Web Interface User Guide and the Text Interface User Guide are also available.

* Library Update: The Library update gives details of when records were last added to COPAC from each of the contributing libraries. (The information is given in a form).

* CURL Library Links: Most of the CURL Library Web pages provide details of access and borrowing arrangements.

* COPAC Content: Basic details about the content of the COPAC database are available.

* Alternative Interfaces: There are other ways of searching COPAC. There's our telnet interface at copac.ac.uk - login with the username copac and password copac. Or, you may like to try the COPAC Z39.50 target - point your Z39.50 origin at copac.ac.uk with port number 2100 and the database name as COPAC (no username and password are needed.)

* User Group: The JIBS User Group provides a forum for users of all JISC supported online bibliographic services including COPAC.

* Other OPACs: If you fail to find what you want on COPAC you might like to try other online catalogues.

* COPAC Training, Documentation & Publications COPAC Documentation and Staff training is available. The list of publications includes several with the full text online.

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COPAC is being produced by the COPAC Project, hosted at Manchester Computing, University of Manchester. The COPAC Project is supported by JISC and uses records provided by the Consortium of University Research Libraries.

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