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Government Surplus?

Crown Assets Distribution Centres (CADCs) are part of Public Works and Government Services Canada and have been involved in the sale of surplus assets for over 50 years. CADCs sell Federal Government surplus items and equipment, excluding Real Estate. CADCs recycle materiel and equipment.


triangleWhat is Government Surplus?
triangleWho sells this Surplus?
triangleWho can buy Government Surplus?
triangleHow to become a Registered Buyer
triangleTypes of Sales
trianglePayment and Removal Rules
triangleConditions of Sale


What is Government Surplus?

  • moveable equipment and materiel no longer required
  • seized assets
  • lost and found items
  • condition of the materiel varies
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Who Sells this Surplus?

  • eight CADCs across Canada
  • CADCs also act as agents for foreign governments seeking to dispose of their surplus items located in Canada
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Who Can Buy Government Surplus?

  • any individual, organization, business or government body in Canada and abroad
  • For more information and to add your name to our mailing list, complete and return the Buyer Registration Form
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Tender Sales
  • Buyers registered on our mailing list for a specific commodity receive an Offer to Purchase (OTP) form, or are otherwise notified of materiel and equipment for sale.
  • Goods are available for inspection for a specified period of time as noted on the OTP form.
  • The completed OTP form must be returned to the appropriate CADC by the closing date and time of the sale.
  • Failure to respond three times to an OTP solicitation, by the closing date and time, will result in a buyer's name being dropped from our mailing list. A "no bid" received on time does constitute an offer/valid response.
  • Following the closing date of the sale, sealed offers are opened and the successful bidders are notified within a day or two.
Public and Vehicle Sales
  • Public and vehicle sales are advertised in local or national media, specifying details of location, commodities on sale and inspection times.
  • Prospective buyers may inspect the goods on-site and are encouraged to do so.
  • Sealed offers are deposited in a secure bid box on-site.
  • At the sale closing, offers are tabulated and the successful bidders are notified, usually by telephone.
Cash & Carry Sales
  • Cash and Carry sales are advertised in media or through mailouts.
  • All materiel is pre-priced.
  • Materiel is available for immediate sale and removal.
Auctions Seized Materiel
  • Seized items are sold through the sales methods previously outlined.
Conditions of Sale
  • Materiel is sold "AS IS WHERE IS" : CADC makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the conditions of the materiel.
  • It is strongly recommended that bidders contact the custodian to arrange a time for viewing the materiel.
  • General terms and conditions apply for each sale.
  • Special conditions of sale may apply in some instances.
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Payment and Removal Rules

  • For Public and Tender sales, payment is required from the successful bidder within the period of time stated in the Offer to Purchase (OTP).
  • Payment can be made by cash, bank card, certified cheque, money order, VISA and MasterCard.
  • All Sales are subject to applicable taxes.
  • Equipment and materiel CANNOT be removed from the sale location until full payment has been received.
  • Removal MUST occur within a prescribed period of time to avoid penalty.
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