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This is a WWW interface for CVS Repositories. You can browse the file hierarchy by picking directories (which have slashes after them, e.g., src/). If you pick a file, you will see the revision history for that file. Selecting a revision number will download that revision of the file. There is a link at each revision to display diffs between that revision and the previous one, and a form at the bottom of the page that allows you to display diffs between arbitrary revisions.

This script (ViewCVS) has been written by Greg Stein <gstein@lyra.org> based on the cvsweb script by Henner Zeller <zeller@think.de>; it is covered by the BSD Licence. If you would like to use this CGI script on your own web server and CVS tree, see Greg's ViewCVS distribution site. Please send any suggestions, comments, etc. to Greg Stein.

CVS Documentation

CVS User's Guide
CVS Tutorial
Another CVS tutorial
Yet another CVS tutorial (a little old, but nice)
An old but very useful FAQ about CVS

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
[DIR_ICON] Packages/        
[DIR_ICON] Products/        
[DIR_ICON] Zope2/    26 hours   shane   wo_pcgi.py/1.22
 Moved creation of inituser to last step.
[DIR_ICON] ZopeDocs/    10 months   docsamos   sampleChapter.xml/1.3
 Added some comments and ulink to sample chapter.
[DIR_ICON] ZopeMozilla/        
[DIR_ICON] ZopePTK/        

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ViewCVS 0.6
by Greg Stein