The idea of DbFixture came out of two projects that we have worked on, both of which involve building our own data access layer for special reason. After the end of the second project, we put together the requirement and wrote this library.


Wiki (Confluence) is the formal way of documentation: http://confluence.public.thoughtworks.org/display/DBFIX/Home

Please note that this page is not as up-to-date.


Alpha release ready for easy preview: dbfixture-alpha.zip


The goal of DbFixture is to make database testing easy. Ideally you would want to have a O/R mapping framework doing all the database access for you. However this is not a perfect world, for various reasons from non-standard legacy database to verifying a potential defect in the framework, it is desirable to be able to test it in an easy way. DbFixture achieve that in the following aspect:


This one minute tutorial shows how the DbFixture is to be used by tests.

See DbFixtureApiTest in folder api-test

Overall Design

This is the diagram that shows the current design and how this library is to be used. (overall-design.png)

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