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Does your household have unwanted electronics?

The E-Waste Problem

electronic waste examplesRhode Instituted a landfill ban in place in 2009 for all televisions, and computers (Read the statute: Rhode Island's E-Waste & Disposal Ban Law (R.I.G.L. Chapter 23-24.10). As our landfill continues grow larger and larger, the available space we have to bury our trash shrinks. Furthermore, e-waste can contain lead, mercury and other hazardous substances that pose a threat to human health and the environment if improperly disposed of at the end of their useful life.

What is E-waste?

E-waste is made up of household and K-12 school desktop computers, CRT monitors and televisions, flat screen monitors and televisions, laptops, notebooks, and tablets with screen sizes larger than an adult man’s hand.

The following items are considered e-waste:
Referred to as "covered electronic products" in the law

  • Computers (CPUs)
  • Computer monitors (CRT and flat panel)
  • Combination units (CPUs with monitors)
  • Laptops (with a screen greater then 9 inches diagonally)
  • Televisions (including CRT, LCD and plasma with a screen greater then 9 inches diagonally)
  • Similar video display devices with a screen greater then 9 inches diagonally which contains a circuit board

The following items are NOT e-waste and can be disposed of as trash:

  • Printers
  • Computer peripherals (e.g. cables, mouse or keyboards)
  • Computers/TVs/video display devices in cars and incorporated into large pieces of equipment, including home appliances)

Where can I get rid of e-waste?

RIRRC drop-off locations or view upcoming Recycling Events
Permanent e-waste drop-off locations

Town Name Address Phone
East Greenwich Office Recycling Solutions 65 Rocky Hollow Rd 401-580-7882, Eric Butler
East Providence City of East Providence 60 Commercial Way 401-435-7701, Donna McMahon
North Providence Town of North Providence 2 Mafalda St 401-996-3258, Bob Nascimento
Pawtucket City of Pawtucket 240 Grotto Ave 401-728-0500 x499, Ricky
Providence Goodwill Industries 100 Houghton St 401-861-2080, Chris Dulude
Warwick Best Buy 24 Universal Blvd 401-826-7007
Warwick City of Warwick 111 Range Rd 401-738-2000 x6548, Chris Beneduce
Westerly Town of Westerly 35 Larry Hirsch Lane 401-741-7117, Michael Castagna
Woonsocket City of Woonsocket 943 River St 401-767-9216, Michael Debroisse
Various Staples Cranston: 4000 Chapel View Blvd STE 300; 401-943-2060
Middletown: 870 West Main Rd; 401-848-0100
No. Kingstown: 1007 Ten Rod Rd; 401-295-5505
Providence: 555 N Main St; 401-272-2828
Smithfield: 371 Putnam Pike STE 230; 401-232-3533
Wakefield: 160 Old Tower Hill Rd; 401-943-2060
Warwick: 1276 Bald Hill Rd/Rte 2; 401-783-8127
Westerly: 13 Airport Rd; 401-388-9505
Various Salvation Army Family (Thrift) Store
Newport: 76 Broadway
No. Kingstown: 6835 Post Rd
No. Providence: 1895 Smith St
Pawtucket: 504 Central Ave
Providence: 201 Pitman St
Warwick: 558 Greenwich Ave
Warwick: 1121 Warwick Ave
West Warwick: 269 Washington St
Woonsocket: 30 N Main St

Options for Reuse:

If you have a computer or TV that is still working but no longer needed, it may be able to be donated to a school, non-profit organization or an organization that distributes working, used equipment to various groups. Reusing old equipment keeps it out of the waste stream for the time being and allows individuals and groups to obtain equipment that they otherwise could not afford.

Here is a list of resources you can access to explore reuse options for your old, but working, electronics:

Resources to donate or sell back mobile phones and tablets

Online sales and trade-ins:


National charities:

How to dispose of other hard to dispose of items:

Under the law, manufacturers must either run their own take-back program or participate in a state run take-back program run by the RI Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC)at

It is important to note that the RIRRC continues to collect a wide variety of electronic waste from households outside of the scope of "covered electronic products" as defined in RI's E-Waste Law. Click here to view the RIRRC A-Z list of recyclable items.

Contact Information

If you have any questions concerning the law, please contact Alyson Brunelli via email at or at 401-222-4700 x7134.

If you need to contact the RI Resource Recovery Corporation about elements of Rhode Island's E-Waste Law which are to be administered by the Corporation, please contact Joe Rotella at or call 401-942-1430.

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for the requirements of any relevant RI statutes addressing electronic waste. If you are a person, company or entity that has a legal obligation to undertake certain activities pursuant to Rhode Island's adopted law, you should review all applicable laws. It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable laws.

Rhode Island's E-Waste & Disposal Ban Law (R.I.G.L. Chapter 23-24.10)