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There are generally two Zope releases, the stable release which is older but more proven, and the development release which contains new features, but is not yet completely stable.

Download Zope 2.2.1 the current stable release.

Old Versions are available if you need or collect them.

Zope RPMS are available from Jeff Rush.

If you are a current Zope user, be sure to read Upgrading to Zope 2.2.0 for important upgrading information.

Current Hotfixes

Hotfix products provide a way to incorporate important fixes into Zope at runtime without having to upgrade a software installation. They are installed just like ordinary Zope products.

  • All versions of Zope prior to 2.2.1 should have the 2000-08-17 hotfix installed to address an important security issue.
  • All versions of Zope prior to 2.2 beta 2 should have the 2000-06-16 hotfix installed to address an important security issue.

Products By Category:

Note that one product can be in several categories.
External Access
Products that allow access to the world outside of zope, like Database Adapters. Also includes things that help other products access/use Zope.
Products that help site developers build sites, like templates.
User Management
Products that let you manage users in different ways.
Products that show information visually, like graphs and photos.
Products that relate to serving HTTP or other protocols, including interoperability with existing servers (like Apache).
Content Object
Products that allow the creation of new "generic" documents that should contain content, like DTML Document.
Products that patch the Zope source code.
Products who primarily serve to provide examples for those wishing to develop products.
Products that help you build navigation for your site.
Products whose primary function is to solicit feedback from the viewer.
Products that have to do with buying or selling.
Products that help Zope talk in many languages
These products have no categorization.

All Products:

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ZAnnu : a multi-agencies searchable directory (people and organizations) 2000/09/01 dgeorgieff ZAnnu_0_4_4.zexp

What is ZAnnu ? A multi-agencies searchable directory focused on people and organizations... **Warning, this is written by non-native English writer, hence may contain errors might lead ... 

DirArg Product 2000/09/01 itsafire DirArg_0_1.tgz

A Zope product for passing arguments via URL Get rid of those nasty URLs. Just use the URL path to pass arguments to your objects/methods.  

gdchart-based product to draw charts 2000/08/31 teyc ZGDChart-0.4.1.tar.gz

Synopsis Draw charts using data from your ZSQLMethod. Plots pie, bar, area, and line charts. You can even qualify your SQL queries with parameters so that you get pretty dynamic charts. The ... 

Open Infrastructure for Outcomes 2000/08/31 aho oio-0.9.1.zip

<p>The Open Infrastructure for Outcomes (OIO) is a Web-based system that manages users, patients, user-extensible forms, and reports. It is in production at Harbor/UCLA Medical Center. We use ... 

A script to automatically make a Zope Python Product framework. 2000/08/31 eenge mk-zprod-2.0.1.tar.gz

<p> Everybody knows that prototyping Zope Products in ZClasses is extremely fast and very useful. However, they are hard to extend, and if you need to do some serious rewriting they are a pain ... 

ZMenu Product 2000/08/30 hramos ZMenu-0-1-0.tar.gz

<p><b>Thanks go to:</b><br> <ul> <li><a href="http://www.zope.org/Members/andyd" target="_blank">AndyD</a> for helping me ... 

tcpwatch 2000/08/29 hathawsh tcpwatch-0.9.tar.gz

<p>tcpwatch is a simple Python script that lets you monitor TCP connections through a proxy. It displays the sessions in a window that can also display the history of past connections. Useful ... 

Squishdot 0.3.4+ 2000/08/29 chrisw Squishdot-0-7-0.tar.gz

This is for releases that were done while Butch was going through a busy patch. For more information go <A href="http://www.zope.org/Members/butchland/Squishdot">here</A>. To ... 

ZPatterns Add-on utilities 2000/08/29 stevea DataSkinAddons-0-0-1.tar.gz

DataSkinAddons includes ZPatterns utilities - automatic cataloguing and an example DataSkin for debugging purposes. DataSkinAddons is intended to include ZPatterns utilities not included in the main ... 

NewsCenter 2000/08/28 k_vertigo NewsCenter_008.tgz

NewsCenter is a Zope/XML application that aims to be a resouce for Zope sites to allow their users access to the latest headlines from around the world on many different topics. It would like to ... 

Client_Server 2000/08/28 MacGregor server-0.3.tgz

<h3>Description</h3> The Client/Server Product can be used to transfer Zope objects from one Zope application (client) to another (server). It extends Zope's Import/Export function and ... 

Folders that can handle thousands of objects 2000/08/28 hathawsh BTreeFolder-0.1.1.tar.gz

<p>BTree Folders are useful for situations where you need to store a lot of objects in a single folder, usually of the same type. They make use of Zope's optimized BTree implementation. They ... 

ExtFile/ExtImage Product 2000/08/27 MacGregor ExtFile-0.9.1.tgz

<h3>ExtFile/ExtImage Product Description</h3> The ExtFile Product stores large files in an external file-repository and is able to display icons for different MIME-Types. The ExtImage ... 

ZCVSMixin classes 2000/08/27 sspickle ZCVSMixin-0.1.4.tgz

ZCVS Mixin allows management of Zope objects in CVS. It's getting to be useful for me YMMV. ;-) (0.1.4 works with Zope-2.2.1, and fixes a number of bugs. It allows management of ZClass methods, ... 

UserSniffer 2000/08/24 svenasse UserSniffer.zip

<b>Returns client info based upon REMOTE_USER_AGENT</b> <p>UserSniffer is based upon the PHP3 script written by Roger Raymond.&nbsp; You can find the original PHP3 script at ... 

ZCatalog based ZWiki clone 2000/08/24 johanc ZWikiZC.0.7.3a.tgz

This is a ZWiki clone that uses ZCatalog for indexing and linking WikiPages. 

ActiveImage-Javascript Rollover Image Type 2000/08/22 admin ActiveImageV31.zexp

The ActiveImage Product allows easy creation of "Active" images using Javascript Rollovers and a special ActivePaths feature which activates images based on PATH_INFO. It was originally ... 

Zope Database Adapter for Postgresql 2000/08/22 tm ZPoPyDA-0.6.2.tar.gz

Zope DataBase Adapter for PostGreSQL based<br> on <a href="http://www.mixadlive.com/siti_web/mixadlive/software/postgresql">PoPy</a> python module for PostgreSQL DB API ... 

PoPy 2000/08/22 tm PoPy-1.3.4.tar.gz


Zboard 2000/08/20 rainlood Zboard0.2.4.zexp

<pre> Zboard is a bulletin board, using DTML. Easy and powerful, and could be useful sources. Need Zope Version 2.2.0. It's run on my server. <a ... 

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