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Active Projects

Projects that are currently active are listed on this page. Want to start your own project? See the introduction to the Fishbowl process to find out how.

Zope core projects

  • Documentation Process

    The Documentation Process project aims to develop an open process for developing Zope documentation.

    Project leaders: Amos Latteier (amos@digicool.com), Michel Pelletier (michel@digicool.com)

  • Structured Text NG

    The Structured Text NG project is focused on solving several shortcomings in the current implementation of StructuredText.

    Project leader: Jim Fulton (jim@digicool.com)

  • Python Methods

    The Python Methods project will be working to integrate Evan Simpson's original PythonMethod product into the Zope core.

    Project leader: Evan Simpson (evan@digicool.com)

  • Cache Manager

    This project is focused on introducing a generalized caching framework for Zope objects.

    Project leader: Evan Simpson (evan@digicool.com)

  • Skinnable And Localizable Objects

    This project will attempt to provide a mechanism for Zope to discover and use different skins and locales for disk based DTML files and provide Zope Products with localized dictionaries of strings.

    Project leader: Martijn Pieters (mj@digicool.com)

  • Declarative Security Assertions

    This project will provide a clearer way for Zope developers and component developers to make security assertions in their code. It will also produce a guide for developers documenting the new assertion style.

    Project leader: Brian Lloyd (brian@digicool.com)

  • Core Session Tracking

    This project will bring "session tracking" (the ability to keep state between requests for anonymous users) to the Zope core.

    Project leader: Chris McDonough (chrism@digicool.com)

  • HiperDom Templates

    A designer-friendly template model for Zope similar in spirit to XMLC.

    Project leaders: HiperLogica and Martijn Pieters (mj@digicool.com)

  • Write Locking

    This project aims to implement a locking model that supports integration with DAV and other HTTP based editing tools.

    Project leaders: Jeffrey Shell (jeffrey@digicool.com)

  • ZEO Storage Replication

    This project aims to implement replication of ZEO storage server to provide greater availability.

    Project leaders: Jim Fulton (jim@digicool.com)

  • ZCatalog Virtual Hosting Fix

    This is a small project to fix the behavior of ZCatalog with respect to virtual hosting.

    Project leader: Evan Simpson (evan@digicool.com)

Other projects

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