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The Zope Public Subversion Repository

Contact: KenManheimer

Our public subversion repository (see for a web view) provides read-only and selective write access to the source code for Zope's and related projects - the CMF, StandaloneZODB, and so forth. Public SVN access and co-development with the community are critical to Zope's evolution.

See SVNResources for pointers to SVN background information, and ZopeSVNFAQ for instructions on key SVN operations for use with our repository.

  • ReadOnlyAccess describes how to to hookup with the SVN repository to track changes.
  • RepositoryProjects describes the projects in the repository, including information about their focus, managers, and checkin-notice distribution maillists so you can follow the checkins for the projects.
  • See RepositoryOrganization for details about the structure and contents of our repository.
  • presents a web interface by which you can browse the repository - visit there for instructions.
  • There are many ways to contribute - see GettingInvolved (non-wiki).

Zope Corp. developers and selected members of the community have write access to the repository.

  • The Zope repository is now being opened to checkins from the community. ContributorIntroduction gives background information on the approach. ContributorFAQ summarizes questions and answers. Finally, the Zope Contributor Agreement is the legal agreement that gets signed and returned.
  • WriteAccess contains the policies and procedures for write-access to the SVN repository (and it contains CommitterGuidelines, required reading for anyone with write access).
  • ZopeDevelopmentProcess provides details about the who, what, when and where of changing the Zope code. This is more detailed than the CommitterGuidelines, and talks about exactly where changes should go for features and bug fixes, relation to releases, etc.
  • BugDays describes the "bug day" process we use to ensure that issues are addressed.