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ComponentArchitecture Table of Contents Last edited by srichter on Apr 4, 2003 9:32 pm

Zope 3 Downloads

Status: IsDraft

Zope 3x Alpha 1 is available from download:

What is Zope 3x? It's Zope 3 "experimental". This is the release that will provide the new features of Zope 3 without any Zope 2 support. Zope 3.0 will provide support for Zope 2 content and products, probably using conversion utilities of some sort.

This release is the first Zope 3 release. The goals of this release are to:

  • Provide a relatively firm foundation for beginner Zope 3 developers who want to start building Zope 3 products or to contribute to development.

  • Provide wider exposure of Zope 3.

  • Solicit input on features, current and missing.

The alpha release will be slow. We have intentionally avoided optimization to keep the code as clean as possible. Optimization will be performed prior to the first beta release.


  • An initial management interface including folders and various content types such as files, images, DTML pages, ZPT pages, and SQL scripts.

    The initial user interface is a prototype. We welcome feedback, ideas, and even code!

  • A framework for configuring and installing file-system-based products.

  • An initial through-the-web configuration and development system based on services. Services are similar to CMF tools except that they are managed in service managers, rather than in folders.

    A number of predefined services will be included:

    • Simple authentication service (similar to Zope 2's original user folder).

    • Event service.

    • RDB Connection service. This is used to manage database connection objects used by SQL scripts.

    • Translation service, to manage software (as opposed to content) translation services.

    • Caching service.

    • Site error reporting service (like Zope 2's site error log)

    • Session service (uh, that nobody has tried to use yet :)

    • Role service

    • Adapter service

    • View services

    • Object Hub, which tracks object locations, allowing location-independent object references

    • A principal annotation (user data) service. Nobody has tried to use this yet. It passes it's tests.

    Through the web development will take place in packages, which can contain:

    • Persistent python modules (These might work now. Give em a try. :)

    • Templates

    • Component instances

    • Configuration objects

    Configuration objects are used to configure component instances and component factories and register with the appropriate services.

  • FTP support (not sure if this works)

  • XML-RPC support (not sure if this works)


Zope3 requires Python 2.2.2 or later and PyXML 0.8.1 or higher. PyXML can be downloaded from http://sf.net/projects/pyxml


  • Source release: Zope3-3.0a1.tgz.

    Follow the instructions for building from source in README.txt.

  • A windows binary release: Zope3-3.0a1.zip.

    This is an "in-place" build. Just unzip it and run it. Use Python 2.2 and skip the building part of the instructions.

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