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PythonMethods Table of Contents Last edited on Jan 22, 2001 12:15 am

Zope provides a number of object types that are used as methods. These methods are called in many different contexts (from python code, from DTML, from the Web and other network protocols).

The MethodObjectInterface is an attempt to identify a set of common behaviors and capabilities that method-like objects in Zope should support.

In particular, we have added a "Bindings" tab to the PythonMethodx product. It lets you choose names for five conceivable bindings:

  • Context, which changes according to the URL.

  • Containment, which is fixed.

  • Method's self, referring to the method object itself.

  • The current namespace.

  • URL path elements from direct traversal of the method.

All but the fourth work well. The first three simply refer to self.aq_parent, self.aq_inner.aq_parent, and self, in that order. The last is gathered by the publishing traversal hook. The namespace is much harder to get, and requires the NamespaceObjectInterface.

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