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WriteLocking Table of Contents Last edited by jshell on Feb 5, 2001 2:42 pm

Write Locking and "Lost Updates"

This is the home page for the Write Locking project. The projects goals are best found in the VisionStatement. It's best to check the RecentChanges Document to see what changes have happened recently. The CurrentStatus will be updated throughout the project as well and offer a more narrative description of updates.

Project Artifacts

  • Zen, and the art of BeingLockable -- how to take advantage of WriteLocking in your content object.

  • CurrentStatus -- General status of the project.

  • OriginalProposal -- The full text of the original proposal that was accepted to turn this into an official project.

  • VisionStatement -- Primary artifact of inception, a descendant of the OriginalProposal. This document is the authoritative description of the problem being solved, the proposed solution (goals), the scope (what it is and what it is not), and the deliverables (how we know when we're finished).

  • RiskFactors -- The identified and known risks of the project and the ways of mitigating those risks.

  • UseCases -- Common editing\locking scenarios

  • Architecture -- Elaborated definitions of issues and proposed solutions of what Zope currently does and will need to do.

  • CurrentIssues

Other Pages

Project leader: Jeffrey P Shell .

This is a ZWiki site, see the ZWikiLinks for more information.

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