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This is where project proposals are developed according to the fishbowl process. You can add a new proposal here by editing the Wiki page (please follow the WritingAGoodProposal guidelines). Note that if your proposal becomes a real live project you should move the proposal to your project and unlist it here. See RecentChanges for new stuff.

Proposals follow a process based on ProposalStates. Each proposal has a state that reflects where it is in the process.

Proposals that are no longer active or that have moved on to become active projects are kept in the ProposalArchive.

Zope core proposals

Proposals to change parts of Zope included in the standard Zope distribution.

Other proposals

Proposals for add-on products or facilities

Fishbowl process proposals

Proposals about the conduct of the fishbowl, itself.

This proposals area is a ZWiki - see the HelpPage for info, RecentChanges for an overview of recent activity.

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