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GenericMethodInterface Proposal

Note - this document is still a work in progress. Please do not make inline comments in the proposal - use the GenericMethodInterfaceDiscussionx to make comments.

Another Note - I haven't thought this one through at all, I'm just rambling while I think about it so I don't feel I've forgotten something that might be useful ;-)

More note - This appears to have strong links with this bit of the PythonMethodsx project. Should the two be combined?

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ChrisW (if anyone wants to take this over, I'd be more than happy :-)


In there beginning, there was just DTML, then there were Python Methods. Soon, there will be Perl Methods, XSLT methods and maybe even ZTL methods. These are all basically text that is parsed and then executed to return a result. This may be HTML/WML/etc to be displayed or an object/result to be returned. Even though they all do the same interface tasks, AFAIK, you currently have to implement the interface each time.

Proposed Solution

Have a GenericMethodx base class and/or Python Interface (the scarecrow variety) to provide the stuff that is common to all method.

This includes:

This should also draw on other relevent proposals:


Can't think of any but haven't thought about it ;-)


Dunno, I guess to provide a standard API and interface for all methods, no matter what language they are written in.


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