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Chris McDonough (chrism@digicool.com)

This proposal is still in a state of flux - add your comments at ProductRoleManagementDiscussion.


It would be advantageous for Product developers to have a facility whereby they defined recommended roles for use within the Product. Currently, there are ways for Products to define roles programatically using the RoleManager API, but this happens in instance-space. It would be nice to be able to define a set of roles within Product class space that get added to the set of available roles when the Product is instantiated automagically.

Proposed Solution

There are several thoughts on this. It would seem to make sense to create an analogue of __ac_permissions__ which was a list of "suggested roles" for on a class basis or a product basis. These roles should get established within the class instance from a Product when the class is instantiated.

Risk Factors

Poor execution.




  1. Patching of the Product initialization code which creates the suggested roles when a class from the Product is instantiated.

  2. An analogue for ZClass-based products.

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