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Proposals Table of Contents Last edited by klmplus on Feb 3, 2001 3:57 pm

Wiki page names are usually two or more Capitalized Words - run together: WikiName.

The result is distinctive enough to be recognizable by the software, yet still readable by people - and much easier to type than an html hyperlink.

Smooshing together words makes for more regular choices than wide-open, whitespace-containing text phrases. The idea is that the WikiName is easier to remember and more likely to be reinvented the same by different people - promoting easier collaboration.

In the abstract, WikiNames are the terms which embody the wiki's topic.

The ZWiki version of WikiName can include "~" tildes as if they were lowercase letters, and numbers as if they were uppercase letters - but neither may occur at the beginning of the name. So, Zope2 and AFL~CIO are valid WikiNames.

See Expressing Links / Wiki references for more. See RemoteWikiLinks for a way to link to wiki pages in other Wikis.

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