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WikiName Attributes
Name: WikiName Local Owner: Anonymous User
Type: structuredtext
WikiName Rename and Delete
You can not rename or delete this page. Only the owners may do so.
WikiName Regulations
This is where wiki page and folder owners choose who can do which of the common wiki operations on the page. The operations include editing the page, creating new pages from it, commenting on it, and resituating it (renaming it, deleting, or changing its designated parents). You can see the page regulations below.

See RegulatingYourPages for more info.

  Create Edit Comment Move
Role categories: ... new pages from this one. Change the text. Append text to end. Rename, delete, reparent.
Additional allowed users:
Propagate to offspring:

Who owns pages created
from this one:
Only creator of new page
Only original page owner(s)
Both original page owner(s) and sub-page creators
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