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Proposals Table of Contents Last edited on Jan 20, 2001 7:23 pm
Zope Fish

Locking Discussion

Brian (2000-10-13)

Well done! I do think that we need some kind of documentation as a part of the deliverables. There is not currently (AFAIK) a comprehensive "how to use Zope with various common tools" document. That would be a great deliverable IMHO. It would act as a guide to using Zope from (at least) DAV-aware tools and (better) also discuss FTP access. It should also cover things like how Zope permissions relate to the operations that these tools perform (there is some skeletal coverage of this on webdav.zope.org).

jeffrey (oct 16,2000)

This deliverable has been added in revision 3.1 of the proposal.

ShaneH (2000-10-13)

I'm glad to see this proposal move away from a ZODB-level implementation of locking and toward implementation at the application layer. ZODB versions may not always behave the way they do now.

So, with that change, this is a good proposal after all. :-)

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