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Proposals Table of Contents Last edited on Jan 22, 2001 12:13 am

Zope Template Language

Design Aims

  • Simplicity. It should really be as simple and self revealing as possible. Like python ;-)

  • Flexiblity. It should designed to be flexible and future proof ( enough ;-) so that nasty hacks aren't needed to introduce new languages, etc

  • It should provide language functionality, not library functionality. I'm thinking of the sendmail and calendar tags here ;-)

  • It should be aimed at templating. That is: taking a lump of text and inserting bits of computed stuff in it or repeating bits of stuff. This is significantly different from what languages like Python and Perl are designed for.

  • Being XML parsable seems to be a Good Thing (tm) aside from providing some nifty syntax...

Tag Structure

<z:tag_name attributevalues />


<z:tag_name attributevalues >


attributevalues -> attributevalue *attributevalues* | attributevalue

attributevalue -> attribute-type="value"


The name of the tag.


ZTL to be evaluated to text. This would then be parsed to whatever processes the tag as an attribute called _resulttext. (perhaps?). See the SendmailExample


the name of the attribute being passed.


the type of the thing being provided as the value. Examples I can think of include python, perl, int, date, namespace, binding. This type may be ommitted in which case it is taken to be a literal, whatever that means :S

Tag Evalutation

The text content of a ZTL method would be processed from start to finish. Non-tag text would be put in the stream. When a ZTL tag is encountered, it is evaluated and it's result is returned into the stream.

The evaulation would be as follows (in order):

  • evaluate all attributes to literals/objects and check for correct type.

  • execute any initial tag-specific code.

  • evaluate any tagcontent in the current namespace. Turn the result into an attribute for the tag.

  • execute the remainder of the tag-specific code returning the result (if any) into the text stream.


<z:set name="value" name="value" etc />

This is the equivalent of a global REQUEST.set(name,value) for each name if no tagcontent is supplied and a dtml-let around the tagcontent if it is supplied.

<z:iterate object="value" other stuff />
<z:recurse object="value" children="method" other stuff />

Equivalents of dtml-in and dtml-tree but with no presentation stuff implemented.


render execute if/elif/endif namespace try/except/raise comment

To be filled in when it's not past 11:00pm for ChrisW ;-)

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