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zope-xml Table of Contents Last edited by karl on Apr 19, 2001 12:39 am

Content and Presentation Separation

Maybe the main goal of XML is to separate content from presentation (and perhaps business logic). This is something that some people have argued that Zope doesn't do well (although it does try. :). There's a lot of interesting work going on with XML that is geared toward this separation. A lot of interesting ideas (Zen) are being developed. Some of these are good and some aren't, but Zope (well, the Zope community) can learn from both.

XML is not a silver bullet for Content Management, nor is it the only tool for managing content, but it is a good tool, as well as a tool that gets lots of use for this purpose.

XML, like Zope, does not enforce the separation of content and presentation, but it does facilitate it.

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