Download Android 1.1 SDK, Release 1

February 2009

Before downloading, please read the System Requirements document. As you start the download, you will also need to review and agree to the Terms and Conditions that govern the use of the Android SDK.

Platform Package Size MD5 Checksum
Windows 84533935 bytes 4cec82e3d2c1658d73182e543d130a06
Mac OS X (intel) 78918508 bytes d67fb5f0eaf4f5a83dc985f5790940c6
Linux (i386) 79219171 bytes df88091c9f0ef6cc56cd92afcdad8d56

SDK Contents

Development tools

The SDK includes a variety of tools for developing and debugging application code and designing an application UI. You can read about the tools in the Dev Guide and access them in the <sdk>/tools/ directory.

The tools package included in this SDK is the same as that included in the Android 1.0, Release 2 SDK.

System Images

The Android system images listed below are included in this SDK. For more information about a system image — features, applications included, localizations, API changes, and so on — see its Version Notes.

System ImageAPI LevelNotesDescription
Android 1.1 2 Version Notes Includes external library and a set of standard development applications.

Sample Code and Applications

You can look at a variety of tutorials and samples in the Dev Guide and access the sample code itself in the <sdk>/samples/ directory of the SDK package.


The SDK package includes a full set of local documentation. To view it, open the <sdk>/documentation.html file in a web browser. If you are developing in an IDE such as Eclipse, you can also view the reference documentation directly in the IDE.

The most current documentation is always available on the Android Developers site: