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Get your application ready for Mac OS X v10.2 by purchasing WWDC 2002 Sessions

Innovations in Mac OS X v10.2 make it easier than ever to deliver powerful, intuitive, and distinctive products to your customers. And Worldwide Developers Conference 2002 Sessions on ADC TV and DVD-ROM are the best source for learning the latest development details on exciting new technologies such as Quartz Extreme, QuickTime 6, Rendezvous, and more.

The Apple Developer Connection features some flexible options for purchasing WWDC 2002 Sessions on ADC TV:
  • All WWDC 2002 Sessions on ADC TV and DVD-ROM
    For US$800, developers receive access to all available WWDC 2002 Sessions streamed via QuickTime on ADC TV and DVD-ROM.

    Developers can view a complete list of session titles and descriptions online.

  • One "Set" of WWDC 2002 Sessions on ADC TV
    For US$300, developers receive online-only access to one "Set" of sessions focused on a specific technology category. There are nine "Sets" to choose from and each one offers access to 13-18 sessions streamed via QuickTime on ADC TV. Read on for specific details about each of the Session "Sets."

WWDC 2002 Sessions "Sets"
If you're not ready to tackle the whole range of WWDC 2002 content, then technology-focused "Sets" are for you. Click the hyperlinked titles to review the list of available sessions in each one: As an added bonus, each "Set" (except WebObjects) includes the following essential sessions to help developers build intuitive and well-received Mac OS X applications:
Buy a "Set" Now, Upgrade Later
Not all WWDC 2002 content can be purchased as part of a Session "Set". There are 27 sessions, including Internationalization topics, Speech Technologies, 802.11, the new Address Book framework, and several others which can only be viewed with the complete ADC TV and DVD-ROM set.

The good news is that developers who buy one Session "Set" may upgrade to the complete ADC TV and DVD-ROM product at any time for US$500. Please note that even if you purchase multiple "Sets," the upgrade price remains fixed at US$500.

Important Information About this Offer
ADC TV can be viewed by Macintosh users on both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 systems, and by Windows users. QuickTime 5 is required for viewing. Internet Explorer Web browser is recommended for best results.

A complete list of purchase instructions is available. ADC TV sessions will become available for viewing immediately after your payment clears in ADC Member Site. You can access sessions you have purchased in ADC Member Site by clicking the "View ADC TV" menu item.

Note that sessions are indexed by the original track names used at WWDC 2002, not by "Set" title.
The best way to locate a session you have purchased is to use the session number for reference. For example, session "904 - Using Interface Builder" is located in Member Site in the "Tools (900s)" track.

Neither ADC TV access nor the DVD-ROM set are transferable. For questions or assistance, contact ADC Programs.

ADC Premier Members and WWDC 2002 attendees automatically receive ADC TV access and one (1) DVD-ROM set free.

2002 Apple Computer, Inc., all rights reserved in the US and other countries. Unauthorized broadcast or redistribution is prohibited.
Purchase Now Save US$100 when you purchase a Select Membership with WWDC 2002 Sessions for a special bundle price.
QuickTime Screen ADC TV

ADC TV viewers have the choice of English or Japanese audio track. And at a 300kbps stream rate, the 320 x 240 viewing window is now larger. DVD-ROM
System Requirements

Power Macintosh
256 MB of physical RAM
300 MB of free hard disk drive space
A DVD-ROM drive
Mac OS 10.1 or later
QuickTime 5
DVD-ROM Set On the DVD-ROM set, you'll find slides from the sessions in PDF format. English or Japanese audio track selection will be determined by QuickTime user preferences.

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Quartz Extreme 503
Exploring the
Quartz Compositor
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Rendezvous Icon 811
Zero Configuration
(aka Rendezvous)
Universal Access Icon 009
QuickTime Logo 607
QuickTime & MPEG 4:
A Technical Overview
Terminal Window Icon 901
Command Line
Development Tools
Java WebStart Icon 403
Java in the Browser

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