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Creator/File Type Registration

Information About the Registration Process

Last updated: 07-April-1999

Welcome to Apple Computer's creator code registration pages. Please read this page carefully before you begin the registration process.

Registering creator codes

To register a unique creator code with Apple, fill out the the on-line registration form. The server will search the creator database to see if the creator code(s) you are requesting are available. If they are available, your registration will be submitted and you will receive a temporary online registration confirmation. An official confirmation will be sent to you via electronic mail within 3 business days. If the creator code(s) you are requesting have already been assigned you will be notified online which codes are already assigned and you will need to request alternate codes.

Changes to previously registered creator codes

If you need to make a change to a creator code that is already registered to you, send an e-mail message to us at ( providing your name, your full company name, daytime phone number, and the name of the product whose registered information you wish to revise. Include any changes you wish to make. A revised confirmation will be sent to you within 3 business days.
We get many questions from developers. Read on to see if your questions are answered here:
  1. Submit a separate form for each product.
  2. Apple reserves all creator codes consisting of entirely lower case letters.
  3. Any creator code already in use cannot be used by another developer.
  4. Remember, creator codes must be unique.

Thanks again for supporting Apple, and we wish you the best of luck in your development efforts.

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