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January 8, 1999, No. 137

MACWORLD Expo News Summary

At this week's MACWORLD Expo, CEO Steve Jobs announced that Mac OS 8.5 sold 1 million copies in its first quarter, and that it is now installed on over 2 million computers. The opening of the Apple online store in Europe should increase this installed base even further.

In the third-party software and hardware arena, momentum continues to build: 1,355 new or revised Mac applications have shipped since the iMac introduction on May 6, and more than 100 USB products have shipped as well. iMac sales bode well for consumer and Internet developers, based on these purchaser demographics:

800,000 iMacs have been sold
32 percent of purchasers are first-time computer buyers
13 percent are Wintel converts
30 percent are replacing an existing Macintosh computer
25 percent are adding a Macintosh computer to a family
82 percent are connected to the Internet

Developers selling into high-end computer markets welcomed news of a turbo-charged G3 product line. Availability of the ATI RAGE 128 chip and the Silicon Graphics OpenGL API (application programming interface) offers developers access to the most powerful toolbox of 3D graphics ever. And finally, the upcoming Mac OS X Server will help developers deliver affordable server solutions to Internet, publishing, and education customers. For more details on these and other Apple announcements, visit these web pages:

Apple Launches New Desktop Lineup for 1999
Apple Announces New iMacs in Five New Colors
800,000 iMacs Sold in First 139 Days
Apple Announces Mac OS X Server
Apple Launches Reinvented Power Macintosh G3 Line
ATI RAGE 128 Chip Brings Lightning Fast Graphics to New G3s
Apple Licenses OpenGL From Silicon Graphics
Apple Integrates FireWire Into Every New G3 System
Apple Debuts Three New Studio Displays
Apple Expands Online Store in Europe
Apple and the Euro Fact Sheet
Deluge of New Macintosh Software Continues
Games Explode Into Macintosh Market
More Than 100 USB Devices Available
Major Third-Party Product Announcements


In this Issue

[1] New Releases: Apple DVD Software Update 1.1, HP IrDA Printers 2.0, Newton Press 1.1 for Windows Updater
[2] Technical Q&As Published This Week
[3] New Mac OS Listings in the Tech Info Library
[4] ADC Compatibility Labs: Book Your Time Today!
[5] Mac OS Tool News: 1.0.7, Tools Plus Professional

[6] Rhapsody/Mac OS X Server Tool News: Quake II for Rhapsody DR2, QuantaReport 4.0

[7] Interactive Media Tool News: RealPlayerG2, RealProducerG2, VideoPrism 1.0, Electric Image 3D, Commotion 2.0, CDFinder 2.6, Radius Video Capture Solution, USB-Compatible Avid Solution

[8] Free Apple Java Seminar

[9] System Administration Tools: Funnel Web 3.0, StarNine's Bundle Up Program, MicroNet RAID Solutions
[10] Free Webmaster Seminar From Apple

[11] Hardware Technical Documentation
[12] Third-Party Hardware News: Rearden WebCam Software

[13] Management Consulting Services and Discounts From Saxon-Hamilton

Mac OS

[1] New Releases: AppleShare IP 6.1, ATI Driver Update 1.4.7

Apple DVD Software Update 1.1 lets you continue playing back a movie after waking the computer from system sleep, restarting the computer, or restarting an Apple DVD Player.

HP IrDA Printers 2.0 significantly improves the printing time of Newton-compatible IrDA printers. Supported printers include the HP DeskJet 340, HP LaserJet 5MP, and HP LaserJet 6MP. This enhancement will slightly increase the speed of serial printing to Newton-compatible HP DeskWriters.

Newton Press 1.1 for Windows Updater allows you to create documents on your desktop computer, then publish them as Newton books. Anyone with a Newton device can view, annotate, fax, or print Newton books. This release adds support for eMate 300, MessagePad 2000, and MessagePad 2100 systems; new page formats; and faster text imports.

[2] Technical Q&As Published This Week
Technical Q&As include information on new Apple technologies, programming tips, code snippets, and FAQs written by Apple's technical support engineers.

DV34: Secondary Interrupts on the Page Fault Path
TB57: Maximum Number of Menu Items
TB56: Bypassing AppendMenu's Meta-character Processing
TB55: Tear-off Menus
TB54: Moving the Menu Bar
TB53: Expanding the Set of Menu Item Modifier Keys
TB52: LMGetTheMenu and LMSetMenuHook
TB51: Desk Accessory Menus
TB50: Menu Definition Drawing Dimmed Items
TB49: Drawing While a Menu Is Open
TB48: Adding Color Icons to Menu Items
TB47: Changing Menu Titles
TB46: System Menu IDs
TB45: Calling GetMenu Redundantly
TB44: Unpopped Pop-up Menus and Mac OS 8.5

TB43: Drag Manager: Promising and Tracking

[3] New Mac OS Listings in the Tech Info Library
Apple's Technical Information Library (TIL) is a central listing of product information, technical specifications, and troubleshooting tips for Apple products.

iMac: Firmware Update Message Keeps Showing at Startup (#24766)
iMac: Slight Delay After Firmware Update (#24763)
iMac 266: No Mezzanine Connector (#58210)
iMac 266: Why No IrDA? (#58209)

Power Macintosh: Differences Between DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, and DVD+RW (#58187)

Description (#58227)
Technical Specifications (#58226)
Handles on Enclosure Are Functional (#58191)
Possible to Use Both ADB and USB Devices (#58223)
Hard Drive Not Supported in Zip Drive Expansion Bay (#58200)
Sound Capabilities (#58197)
Power Remains On When Case Is Open (#58198)
No Video Adapter Necessary for Headless Operation (#58186)
How to Differentiate From Other Power Macintosh G3 Models (#58203)
No Upgrade for Processor Cache (#58202)
Uses iMac Modem (#58188)
Speech Recognition Not Supported (#58201)
FireWire Ports and Specifications (#58207)
Storage Options and Support (#58194)
Modem Problem Alert During Initial Setup (#58221)
RAM Specifications and Maximum Configuration (#58182)
Additional Hard Drive Installation Options (#58193)
Microprocessor Specifications (#58196)
IDE Bus Configuration for Zip Drive and CD-ROM Drive (#58190)
Isochronous Protocol Support on USB? (#58180)
Power On Self Test Beep Definition (#58183)
Behavior of Power Button Dependant Upon Current State (#58189)
Enabler Built Into Software ROM and Mac OS (#58181)
Support for Non-USB Displays (#58199)
What Is in the Box? (#58222)
Ultra2 SCSI Compatibility With Older SCSI Drives (#58205)
Expansion Ports: Description (#58195)
PCI Expansion Slot Specifications (#58206)
Ultra2 SCSI Information (#58204)
Supported Resolutions for DVD-Video Playback (#58184)
Obtaining Ethernet Status via Apple System Profiler (#58192)

Apple Studio Display 17: Changing the DDC Setting (#58219)
Apple Studio Display 17: Noise or Shimmer at Startup Is Normal (#58216)
Apple Studio Display 21 and 17: Compatibility With Other Macintosh Models (#58212)
Apple Studio Display 21: Technical Specifications (#58228)
Apple Studio Display 21/Apple Studio Display 17: Using VGA-to-Mac Adapter (#58215)
Apple Studio Display 21: May Be Difficult to Tilt (#58220)
Apple Studio Display 21/Apple Studio Display 17: Tripod Stand Safety Tips (#58217) Apple Studio Display 21: Connecting to a PCI Video Card (#58211)
Apple Studio Display 21: Do Not Daisy-Chain Multiple Displays Together (#58214)

[4] ADC Compatibility Labs: Book Your Time Today!

The Apple Developer Connection (ADC) Compatibility Labs (formerly called WWDR Labs) are available for use Monday through Friday. All ADC members with an ADC Labs asset are eligible to use the testing facility, which offers up to 90 Macintosh configurations. To schedule time in the Cupertino-based facility, call 1-408-862-7175 from 10 a.m. to noon (Pacific time), Monday through Friday. Appointments are typically scheduled four to six weeks in advance.

To schedule time in the ADC Compatibility Labs in Tokyo, visit the Apple Japan web site.

[5] Mac OS Tool News: 1.0.7, Tools Plus Professional 1.0.7 is a tool for replicating FileMaker Pro scripts. This version sports a new VISE installer and a new low price of US$ 48. (The free upgrade is highly recommended for current users.) /

Tools Plus Professional from Water's Edge Software has been rewritten to take advantage of Mac OS 8.5 and third-generation G3 processors. This CD includes Tools Plus Pro libraries, a development framework in 680x0 format for use with CodeWarrior.

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Mac OS X

[6] Rhapsody/Mac OS X Server Tool News: Quake II for Rhapsody DR2, QuantaReport 4.0

Quake II for Rhapsody DR2, which technically could be categorized as a stress-reduction tool for programmers, is now available for download. To unpack the .tar.gz file, use the following command:

gnutar xzf Quake2.19-1998-12-22-RDR2.tar.gz

Charon 0.2 from Omni Software is a preliminary Internet game server locator that can help you find all those Quake II servers on the Internet.

Sumeris Technology has released a version of QuantaReport 4.0 reporting and database access software for use with Mac OS X Server software.

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Interactive Media

[7] Interactive Media Tool News: RealPlayerG2, RealProducerG2, VideoPrism 1.0, Electric Image 3D, Commotion 2.0, CDFinder 2.6, Radius Video Capture Solution, USB-Compatible Avid Solution

RealNetworks has announced major new offerings for the Macintosh platform, including a preview release of RealPlayerG2, an audio/video playback engine, and the debut of RealProducerG2, a video/audio product tool with deep QuickTime support.

VideoPrism 1.0 from Terran Interactive is a ground-breaking color enhancement application for digital video. It combines proven color management techniques within a QuickTime 3 effects filter, enabling videographers to instantly apply both color correction and effects to clips.

Electric Image 3D Software from Play Inc. is a new Mac OS version of its award-winning professional 3D animation software, Electric Image 2.9. It includes the highly anticipated Electric Image Modeler and a significant price reduction.

Commotion 2.0 from Puffin Designs is an award-winning visual effects package for video, film, and digital content creation. This new version dramatically expands Commotion's creative tool set with plug-in support, a new FX Brush for creating stylized media brush effects, and new text creation and animation tools.

CDFinder 2.6 from Norbert M. Doerner is a popular disk catalog tool. New features in this release include import capabilities for Disk Wizard and Iomega FindIt catalog files, catalog windows that can use Finder desktop icons, and a hierarchical display of catalog folders.

Radius has announced that it is including Adobe Premiere 5 LE with MotoDV, its digital video capture solution for DV camcorders and tape decks with 1394 FireWire ports.

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[8] Free Apple Java Seminar
The Simply JAVA Seminar is a free, half-day seminar in which you'll hear from the experts about the core technologies being developed to support Java. This is your chance to take a compelling look at the vision of Java and learn how it will affect the future of the industry. A host of developer tools will be shown to demonstrate the power and simplicity of developing with Java.

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[9] System Administration Tools: Funnel Web 3.0, StarNine's Bundle Up Program, MicroNet RAID Solutions

Funnel Web 3.0 from Active Concepts features streaming analysis for real-time traffic monitoring and processing of large log files, platform-independent remote controls, and event messaging and notification. It can process extremely large log files with relatively small amounts of RAM.

StarNine Technologies has added three new products to its Bundle Up discount program. PageNOW! Workgroup Edition from Mark/Space Softworks allows WebSTAR users to easily send alphanumeric digital phone and paging messages. Ch-ching! allows merchants to open an Internet store instantly, without having to hire a team of programmers. And finally, MailAgent Pro from Net.Dreams is a mail tool that handles multiple attachments, has integrated PGP security capabilities, and integrates well with other development tools.

Genesis, a platform-independent, fiber-channel-ready RAID solution, has been announced by MicroNet Technology. Genesis is a sophisticated and powerful, yet easy-to-manage RAID level 0/1/3/5/0+1 system.

[10] Free Webmaster Seminar From Apple
Tools for the Webmaster is a free seminar that provides webmasters with overviews of tools and emerging technologies, as well as demos of server solutions.

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[11] Hardware Technical Documentation

The Power Macintosh G3 Developer Note describes the Power Macintosh G3 computer and its new features, which include a new enclosure, an ATI RAGE 128 graphics chip, a USB port, and a FireWire port.

[12] Third-Party Hardware News: Rearden WebCam Software

Rearden Technology has announced SiteCam 3.0, an upgrade to its popular videocam software. This upgrade features motion detection, support for multiple video sources, integrated FTP, USB support, and more. SiteZAP 3.0, Rearden's complete solution for controlling a camera's zoom, angle, and pan (ZAP) from any browser, now includes motion detection, enhancements for dial-up users, and easy quick-start templates.

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Marketing Opportunities

[13] Management Consulting Services and Discounts From Saxon-Hamilton
Saxon-Hamilton, a premier management consulting firm, can help you better understand and resolve your business problems. Saxon-Hamilton's clients include AT&T, Citibank, Citicorp, VISA International, Wells Fargo Bank, and the United States Coast Guard. Saxon-Hamilton offers a wide range of management consulting services, including communications, presentation skills, leadership development, organization development, business/strategic planning, and business relationships.

In association with Apple Developer Connection, Saxon-Hamilton is offering worldwide ADC Select and Premier members the following discounts:

Select members: A 10 percent discount on consulting services
Premier members: A 20 percent discount on consulting services

This special promotion cannot replace, nor can it be combined with any existing contracts with Saxon-Hamilton. To take advantage of this special offer, contact Howard Gottlieb at or 1-510-420-1712.

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