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AppleScript is Apple's native scripting technology. It enables users to directly control applications, including the Mac OS itself, by creating sets of English-like instructions, or scripts. Developers can make their applications scriptable; that is, capable of responding to Apple events. Carbon and Cocoa applications both support scripting, allowing applications to execute scripts or send individual Apple events to take advantage of features of other applications.
AppleScript Resources
API Reference

TitleTopic Date
  Scriptable Applications (HTML) Cocoa, Scripting 2003-05-08 
  AppleScript on Mac OS X (HTML) Carbon, Cocoa 2003-05-01 
  AppleScript Studio Essentials (HTML) Carbon, Cocoa, Tools 2003-05-01 
  Building Applications With AppleScript Studio (HTML) Carbon, Cocoa, Scripting, Tools 2003-04-01 
  Apple Event Manager Reference (HTML) (PDF) Carbon 2003-02-01 
  Carbon Specification for Open Scripting Architecture (HTML) (PDF) Carbon, Scripting 2003-01-01 
  AppleScript Studio Terminology Reference (HTML) (PDF) Carbon, Cocoa, Tools 2002-11-13 
  XML-RPC and SOAP Support (HTML) (PDF) Carbon, Cocoa, Internet Technologies, Scripting, Tools 2001-09-07 
  AppleScript Language Guide for AppleScript 1.3.7 (HTML) (PDF) Carbon, Cocoa, Scripting 1999-05-17 

AppleScript in a Nutshell (O'Reilly)

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